Accidentally: Nintendo continues to (jokingly) lure fans to watch WarioWare ads

WarioWare: Get Together! has been out for almost two months now (seriously, where does the time go?), but Nintendo is still busy hooking up the game with random social media posts. And for good reason – it’s great and deserves your time.

However, we can’t help but notice there is something sneaky about the title’s current marketing. You see, Nintendo fits perfectly into Vario’s mischievous look and uses an old decoy to make fans think they are watching content based on other Nintendo games. Then BAM, Vario swoops in, and it’s all a big lie. Naughty

Here’s what we mean – watch this intriguing Splatoon 2 results video …

Or how about this shot with Mario? Will Mario pass Bowe … oh …

Ok, here’s the soothing Animal Crossing gameplay. What’s in the ball doesn’t matter.

This is all a little cocky, but admittedly it’s clever. For those who haven’t played Get It Together !, these small advertisements allude to the fact that Vario’s latest game includes a number of Nintendo-themed micro-games – as footage shows, Vario and his friends can be found within other Nintendo universes by summoning their usual chaos in special little games.

Other micro-games in WarioWare: Get It Together! include those based on Metroid, Fire Emblem, Ice climber and more. If any of these show up on your feed within the next few days, be very careful about the unexpected Vario showing up!

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