Accidentally: Fancy Mario? Sewing Machine Marvel At The Game Boy

We live in an era of quirky Nintendo peripherals; The Ring Fit Adventure is an example of how Nintendo took the relatively standard Yoga ring and cleverly turned it into a huge commercial success. Of course, third parties are joining them as well, and let’s not forget about Nintendo Labo’s own lineup that made cardboard cool.

However, for those with a retro perspective, the NES / Game Boy era was a golden age for fancy accessories, and in the video above Retro future demonstrates a version of the Game Boy sewing machine. This is a pretty fun step-by-step guide on how machines were designed to connect to the Game Boy and the accompanying software to make sewing easier. Once you get past the question “is it real?” part of the topic, it’s actually pretty exciting.

It’s pretty neat, and the video teases a sequel with a rare accessory that also allows Nintendo’s fashionable embroidery.

If you’re interested in learning more about these sewing / Game Boy accessories, watch the 2018 video from Kelsey Levin (now co-director Video Game History Foundation) is also worth seeing.

Retro accessories like these make us want to start sewing. Almost

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