Accidentally: Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise DLC Has Really Nifty Dinosaur Detail

Image: you / high school student

A new handheld camera reveals many small details about Animal Crossing: New Horizons, such as new museum postersand how great the aquarium exhibits look from the first person.

But here’s something really cool that really shows how much attention to detail the developers put in:

If you place a fossil in your home design in Happy Home Paradise, and this ability is unlocked after 27 houses have been built, it is potentially too high for a room. However, unlike the fun you can get by inserting gyroids into furniture, the developers didn’t want dinosaur skulls to poke through the ceiling.

Solution? Creates a completely new texture that makes the dinosaur look like it broke through the roof. This is a completely unnecessary design detail – most people will never see it – but it does improve the overall game.

Have you seen any details in ACNHHHPDLC? Let us know in the comments!

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