Accidental: The battle for alphabetical supremacy intensifies with the letter “a”


Doubtful flirtation with copyright images, check it out! (Image: Banana Cat)

The online store is crowded, and even if your game is particularly good, you still have a lot of hard work – and a little luck – to gain attention, positive reviews, and solid sales. Of course, there are tricks to get around, as we’ve seen with crazy 90% + discounts, and a slightly weirder strategy seems to rely on alphabetical listings and in-store placements.

We recently had AAA watches, a ridiculous app trying to cash in on the power of memes Calculatorwhile it is convenient to play the game with the alphabetical list.

now we have awhich is actually its full name. Here’s the official game description for today’s release (EU only, I think), see if you can come up with a tactic.








it is a 2D platformer.


– A dynamic platformer.

– Upper world from top to bottom

Let’s skip the fact that Nintendo brushed it off in the shipping process; Yes, let’s do that

This name interesting move, but unlike the well-established and often successful “huge discount” strategy, hoping they will be at the forefront of alphabetical search is very is unlikely to lead to increased recognition and sales. “A” is not only a bad name for a product and ineffectiveness when it comes to search engines, etc. No how most people browse an online store. Its price tag is also very cheap, but naming issues probably make it less relevant.

It looks exactly like a drunk Olimar
It looks exactly like a drunk Olimar (Image: Banana Cat)

While this is funny in one respect, it is also a problem for the eShop platform, especially when there are many interesting games in the crowd that are so easy to miss. And as you can see in the screens above, it’s hard to take “a” seriously.

Finding “a” in our weekly online shopping tour today has surely made us question the meaning of life and the universe – hopefully its sequel “b” defies controversy and becomes a real thing.

Another questionable point for an online store, in general, but Check out this week’s episodes and you’ll see tons of damn good and addicting games to discover. Just don’t search the online store alphabetically for gems, it will end badly.


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