About how the elf brings clowns, talking cats and marble collections that will soon pass

Did you feel a little unfortunate about the somewhat meager lineup of games for February 2022? Then think about it: About An Elf is a surreal point-and-click RPG visual novel game due out in February, and that’s… well, that’s a lot. of things. Of course, we are not sure which one. It’s like looking into a bowl of 4D fruit.

According to the Nintendo eShop page, “About an Elf” is about the elven princess Dam and her apprentice Roland, a talking cat who stands like a human. There are four “magical, mysterious lands” to explore, “indecipherable crystal visions” and, uh, decipher, and “assorted evil monsters” to fight. Do we know how all this will affect the gameplay? Not in the least.

Although the music is very groovy.

So… that’s all we know. It’s great? Tempting? Weird? All of the above? Yes????

About An Elf releases February 10 for $11.99 at the online store.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Even if they’re just “huh???”

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