Abandoned PS5 Game Speculation Continues When Another Konami Link Has Been Revealed


BlueBox Game Studios can’t seem to escape rumors that Abandoned’s PS5 game is actually a Silent Hill adventure in disguise. There have been many theories about what Abandoned is, but one of the most common rumors links it to the Silent Hill project, which Hideo Kojima is hiding. The head of the studio, Hassan Kahraman, has previously stated explicitly that Abandoned is a standalone game that has nothing to do with Kojima, Konami or Silent Hill. However, it wasn’t enough to dispel fan theories because an additional Konami link was discovered that kicked the proverbial hornet’s nest again.

Kahraman recently appeared on a podcast touting the mystery game for PlayStation 5. Like anything Abandoned, the Internet immediately took the position of a detective and found that the podcast had triggered Al hub actually sponsored by Konami. When Al hub tweeted After an interview with Kahraman, the intrigued mystery lovers set to work. The original podcast reported that Konami sponsored the interview, then it was filmed and replaced by the Bloober Team (a studio rumored to be working on Silent Hill as well). The third time was a charm because the third edition re-hosted Konami as a sponsor alongside Bloober.


While Kahraman has vehemently denied that Abandoned has anything to do with Kojima or Konami, a recent teaser just this week seems to directly contradict that. At least if you read in the comment section. BlueBox tweeted a new image for Abandoned featuring a blurred background of an elderly man with an eye patch, not unlike the Metal Gear series, with blurry background text that many believe reads “Welcome to Silent Hill.” If you missed it, you can find the last piece of the puzzle from our previous roundup here.

The Abandoned Games are certainly one of the greatest mysteries in games right now, but this whole situation is really worrying. Abandoned seems to be promising with such a small team and team that we really have no history to compare to. What worries me is that the speculative hype around the elusive PS5 game will spark deep-seated expectations of what Abandoned is all about, and those expectations are likely to be unattainable because the experience itself is not what people assume. … It will be interesting to see what the road to launch looks like, especially if last month is some indication.

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