A look at the first sex scene of Final Fantasy, 20 years later


Image of Final Fantasy X characters, Tidus and Yuna, holding each other in a forest lake.

No romantic encounter played out in fiction, video games or otherwise, has had such a profound impact on me as this moment.
Screenshot: Square Enix

Final Fantasy XThe 20th anniversary is this week, and while it’s not my favorite Final Fantasy, is the one I always come back to when I think of sex. No, not in the way you probably thought (although Kimahri Ronso, if he wanted to, could get it). Ma Final Fantasy X represents one of those fundamental adolescent moments for me in which sex made a transition from something I knew and that I was conscious into something I longed for.

Final Fantasy X it was released 20 years ago when I was 14 years old. He was the first Final Fantasy game on the PlayStation 2, and by that point, I had become an avid addict Final Fantasy fan so, of course, I added this new entry to my collection. He was also the first Final Fantasy with his voice, and I’ll never forget to hear Tidus talk about his story as the iconic piano notes of Nobuo Uematsu’s “To Zanarkand” sounded in the background.

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I clearly remember enjoying it Final Fantasy X much more than FIXED. I was introduced to the series through the futuristic aesthetic of FFVII and FFVIII. So for my inexperienced eyes, FFX it was a return to what I was most familiar with from the high fantasy of FIXED-What was himself a return to the high fantasy form of the first six games. I loved the combat and how it allowed me to make use of my entire party at all times. His story was interesting, and I connected with his motley team of characters much better than the whole set FIXED, which I think were all children, and FFVII which were, for one man, completely unrelated.

Image of Final Fantasy X characters, Tidus and Yuna, sitting next to each other in front of a large lake.


My favorite moment in all Final Fantasy X
Screenshot: Square Enix

I think my connection to FFXThe characters are why this moment in the Macalania forest resonated so deeply with me. Tidus was warm and funny, unlike Squall or Cloud, and Yuna was a princess-type character who relied on people to protect her, but she had her own strength that kept her from being a troubled damsel. . I sent them away immediately.

At 14, I was still two years away from when I first started my sexual awakening Yu Yu Hakusho slash fic. I knew what sex was and, at the time, was well on the verge of puberty. It wasn’t like I was ignorant to the concept of desire. It was more like, desire never touched me. I had been crushed on fictitious males (screaming at Smoking Mask from Luna Marinaio, the OG) but my thoughts on them were limited to chaste fantasies of marriage and children.

But watching Tidus and Yuna in that forest was when I realized, “Oh, now here we go what I want ”.

The scene in the Macalania forest is just beautiful. Tidus, after understanding Yuna’s fate, encounters her in a beautiful lake in the middle of a literally sparkling forest. As he pulls her to comfort her, he tells her that he will be by her side as she faces the trials that bring her ever closer to death. The two kiss and fall into an underwater embrace. It’s probably the most romantic moment in a Final Fantasy game of all time, and it’s definitely the sexiest. Even I, at my naive age, understood her two bodies revolving around each other, fully clothed, but touching with my fingertips was a metaphor for sex. (And let’s not pretend to sound tender and tender ”Suteki Da Ne“It doesn’t increase the sexual energy of the moment.)

Up until this point, I understood sex as something that people did when they were attracted to each other the same way people ate when they were hungry. It was the satisfaction of a physical need, not an emotional one. Ma Final Fantasy finally linking sex to an emotion she could understand — love. I saw those two attractive people and I saw the tenderness, affection and love that they had for each other manifest as a physical act. And, boy, my attention hungry, A 14-year-old black ass who went to a predominantly white school would have killed Sin several times for some tenderness, affection and love.

I also have my original copy of FFX like many others, including the PS4 version of the game that was released in 2015. Like that old copy, the “kiss” between Tidus and Yuna has been with me ever since. In my memories, I can remember tender moments between Rinoa and Squall and Garnet and Zidane but very little kissing. And no couple in Final Fantasy history has never had a kiss so kindly rendered with the amazing transforming power of the PS2. Always keep it.


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