A Little To the Left Gets New Free Puzzles in the Good Cleanup Holiday Event

Image: Max Inferno

We love press releases with lots of puns, and A Little Left is full of them. To celebrate the holiday season, the Nova Scotia-based Max Inferno development team has created a “Good Cleaning” event in the game, which is a “seasonal twist on normal processes.” This seasonal rotation comes in the form of six new Yule Disasters that need to be cleaned up.

Of course these surprises are under wraps at the moment, because what kind of monster peeks into the advent calendar early? Every day from December 22 to December 27, A Little to the Left players will unlock a new seasonal puzzle game with winter twists on the base game’s cleaning mechanic.

Slightly to the left Good cleaning
Image: Max Inferno

“We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received since our November launch,” said Max Inferno co-founder Anne McMillan. “This has surpassed even our wildest expectations, which means that Lucas and I – without forgetting the Rookie who answers Santa’s Claws this month – can continue to do what we love: work on new puzzles and surprises for the future. We hope you enjoy playing with a fresh mess as part of our first holiday event and wish you a great season.”

For more free winter goodies, check out Max Inferno website free to download, a printable holiday card that you can use to gift your gifted with a Nintendo eShop card and a hint on which game they should buy with it!

“Little to the left” also went on sale with a 15% discount. What a great time!

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