“A Handheld History” by Lost In Cult is an unofficial love letter to handheld games

Image: Stephen Maurice Graham / Lost in a Cult

Handheld consoles have been instrumental in the growth and popularity of gaming in general. If it weren’t for the Game Boy, DS, or even Nintendo’s Switch, we can’t even begin to imagine what the industry would look like.

Publisher of gaming magazine Lost in Cult wants to celebrate the legendary history of handheld consoles with a new book with a simple title “Portable History”. It will dive into the systems and games that define handheld gaming and is said to be “not so much a historical record as a poignant, introspective adventure through decades of gaming memories.”

The book will include several authors who will contribute their own remarks and reminiscences, including a few familiar faces here on Nintendo Life (see if you can spot them!). The full list includes:

Brandon Saltalamacchia, Jason Bradbury, Retro Future, Kevin Kenson, Mike Diver, Bob Wolf, Janet Garcia, James Mielke, Ashens, Jeff Grub, Retro Game Corps, Larry Bundy Jr., Brian Crecente, Anthony Wallace, TristaBytes, Faith Johnson, Alex Olney, Austin Voight, Sandip Rai, Jason Brown, Ben Bulbeck, Laurie Eggleston, Ryan Stevens, Priscilla Wells, Diana Green, Jeff Zoldi, Jamie Sharp, Paulo Cavanishi, Abram Buehner, Sean Hughes, Ryan Easby, Jess Elizabeth Reed, Jamie Fox, Jim Hargreaves, Scott Russell, Georgina Young, Mitchell Brownson, Nate Ellingsworth, Madeleine Blondeau and Andrew Oysten

Lost in Cult is seeking £21,000 by 6pm GMT May 9th to release the book. The cost of the project is currently £15,500 so hopefully they reach their end goal soon.

You can pre-order the book using this link. Lost in Cult official website. If the project does not reach its goal, all orders will be fully refunded. Let us know in the comments if you’d like to pick up a copy!

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