A car accidentally crashes into a play store and smashes it

A video game store called gamecoin Joplin, Missouri was completely destroyed over the weekend when a car drove straight into the front wall and crashed into several storage shelves, tires screeching all the time.

Poketoid And CRTpixelsJordan Starkweather shared a video of the crash – this is his local play store – on Saturday, which you can see below in a video best viewed with the sound on:

As Starkweather explains on Twitter, the driver was “the grandparents of the man who dodged off the road” in the video (you can see the man on the left of the screen stepping to the side moments before he was hit) and appeared to have been parked in front of the entrance and accidentally reversed V a shop that was open at the time and was selling instead of driving away From him.

Talking to the lady behind the wheel Gameco employees say she told them that “the throttle was stuck” and that “she had to press it to stop it moving backwards or she would have driven through the whole building.” They also say that while she was “very shocked and embarrassed”, she was told that “no one was hurt and that’s it.” [mattered]. Everything else can be replaced. You can’t live.

The crates passed were mostly for the 3DO store collection and PS1 – it’s an independent game store that sells a bunch of cool retro stuff, not GameStop – although, thankfully, most of the games themselves were in the back warehouse, only the crates were damaged. .

Incredibly, this is the second time this has happened to the store, with the first being at their old location. A photo taken after the crash shows that, aside from a shattered rear window, the car is in surprisingly good shape. If anything, the shape is better than the Xbox cases crushed by wheels.

While this would be devastating news for any local retailer – doubly so, as it the second time it happened– at least Gameco employees seem to take it easy, posting on facebook “Alright guys, we got it, you want GAMECO Drive-thru!”.

The shop will be closed until the renovation is complete, but once it’s done you can check it out. Here.

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