8 Weird Browser Games You Might Have Forgotten About

Aside from the comment sections on video game websites, the most fucked up things on the internet have happened to me on stardoll (or other dress up game sites like as well as, founded in 2004.

stardoll as far as I can tell, still exists as a kind of shell of his former self. Its main page is mostly filled with paper dolls uploaded around 2011, around the time I used it most passionately. At the time, it was an online community dedicated to celebrity dress up games. In fact BarbieGirls Web site collaborated with stardoll and invited users to join it after it closed.

The volume of loaded paper dolls impressed even me, a child who does not understand why and how computers turn on. You can style anyone from disappearance frontwoman Amy Lee to conservationist Dian Fossey, and in addition to dress-up games, there were make-up games, shopping areas populated by authentic, innovative 2000s fashion brands such as Vivienne Tam, Italian luxury brand Miss Sixty and DKNY. There were also limited edition “tribute” stores for famous and up-and-coming fashion figures at the time, such as Giambattista Valli, Roberto Cavalli and Lanvin, all of whom influenced my love, knowledge and critique of contemporary fashion. .

But how BarbieGirls, stardoll clearly perpetuated a very specific notion of femininity and what a great, worthy paper doll a woman is. Skinny, white, very interested in shopping. And his community, which I mainly interacted with through forums of interest that you could join, was filled with drama and, at least on my part, lies. I once told people that I have a boyfriend who looks exactly like Stefan from The Vampire Diaries except that he was in a wheelchair. I also wrote Twilight fanfiction based on the 2008 Anna Faris movie domestic rabbit. It was fucked up and I did fucked up things. It’s hard at 13.

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