7 New Switch JRPGs You Should Know About

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2023 Nintendo Switch game line-up looks somewhat light outside The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom And Pikmin 4. Naturally, one way to plug the holes is with an onslaught of new and old JRPGs. golden sun returned! This is true Baten Kaitos! Nintendo is digging deep into the back catalog and turn-based game fans are reaping the rewards.

We knew it Octopus Traveler II was not far off, but after the last Nintendo Direct now we also have a new demo. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 And Fire Emblem already launched, but new extensions promise good reasons to return to them. Chrono trigger-inspired sea ​​of ​​stars It wasn’t a secret either, but the new trailer revealed that his gorgeous pixelated animation would be out in just a couple of months. Not to mention Square Enix has six of them. Last fantasy “Pixel Remasters is coming to Switch this spring. It wasn’t part of the presentation, which indicated that this week’s February Direct was just the Switch’s opening salvo.

This is hardly a new strategy. 2022 Switch JRPG bonanza started with a return to 2D HD pixel art Triangle Strategyand ended with a bright remake Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. Ports Persona 5 Royal And Nier Automata Numerous other remasters and sequels followed. It turns out that a handy portable hybrid console with a beautiful OLED screen is a great way to easily enjoy colorful, routine and menu-packed adventures lasting dozens of hours.

How more and more of these games are coming to Switch the cuts are definitely getting deeper. Again, this is what JRPG fans live for. Look no further than Baten Kaitosnearly 100 hour GameCube game from Xenoblade creators of Monolith Soft with turn-based card battles. Almost no one played it, but those who did never shut up about it. Now the cult favorite and its sequel are getting a second chance after almost 20 years.

It’s a testament to how thoughtful the new class of Japanese RPGs for the Switch is. Baten Kaitos is probably one of better-famous games in the list. The deepest version didn’t even make it into the North American Nintendo Direct: first Studio-row a game gets a remake. Not only is the alchemy-based PlayStation game getting a chibi overhaul, it’s also getting its first English localization next winter. Congratulations, Atelierheads, the summoning circle worked!

Here are all the other JRPGs coming to Switch in the coming months.

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