6Souls – A Promising Retro Adventure “One Dog and His Faithful Man”

Image: BUG-Studio

At the moment, you can’t swing an 8-bit cat without launching the game in a retro-styled online store, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t. good… We were intrigued by 6Souls, which will be released on December 3 and will be priced at £ 7.99 / € 7.99 / $ 7.99.

Developed by BUG-Studio and published by Ratalaika Games, at first glance it looks like a hybrid of Castlevania and Celeste, with decent mobility, locations full of skeletons, and more. However, it definitely has its own personality, including sections in which you play as Butch’s faithful dog, which is not a bad thing.

Its structure will actually be divided into chapters with stages inside; interestingly, the higher the difficulty, the longer the game will take.

The story in 6Souls is presented in an interesting and inventive way, with a tangle of events that unfolds as you progress. 6Souls features 10 main chapters, with over 80 levels in regular game mode and over 120 levels in hard mode, complete with bosses. This delightful presentation offers many hidden surprises that will take you deeper into the story.

We love the look of this one – let us know what you think in the comments.

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