5 reasons the Nintendo Switch is still a popular product

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Many people reading these pages have owned a switch for almost 5 years. We likely have extensive gaming libraries, a pair of wobbly Joy-Con joysticks, and lots of fond memories. Still, feverish attempts to wish for a Switch Pro this year, as opposed to when Nintendo is good and ready to roll out an update or successor, spoke of that desire for something shiny and a little more powerful. While millions of Sony and Microsoft gamers – lucky anyway – use the next generation of hardware, the switch looks increasingly squeaky and some of the ports are either very rude or cloudy lately.

On the other hand, the Switch still has a lot of exclusives. and a dynamic online store that – if you browse a large number of notoriously average titles – will have a lot of gems. There are games on the Switch, but not necessarily the most technically advanced ones. whistling games.

Something that long-term owners and fans alike might overlook is that the Switch is still selling in massive numbers and is still a hot commodity ahead of the upcoming holiday season. There are some studies that indicate this, and much of what we can take for granted is still highly desirable for many people. Interestingly, people refer to Nintendo’s downgraded forecasts of more than 20 million systems to be shipped this fiscal year as negative, while those numbers – under current circumstances – remain unfulfilled.

So, aside from jaded Switch veterans like us likegeing, low power Is the small console still popular almost 5 years after its release? Here are some of the key strengths that continue to make the Nintendo system stand out and be a coveted Black Friday and holiday purchase.

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Competitive price range

This may seem like a strange category to start with, but it is is an relevant in the context of the current market situation. We’ll talk more about this in another section, but Switch is currently competing on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, and while both of these systems come in more affordable models with no disk drive or limited specs, the Switch costs pretty well. well for the price next to them. The OLED model may be priced at $ 349.99, but the standard model costs $ 299.99 (and was recently lowered in Europe) and is featured in Black Friday packages and offers. Then there’s the Switch Lite, priced at $ 199.99, which becomes a good value for second systems, gifts for kids, and so on.

Beyond Lite, Nintendo has also successfully demonstrated how buying a Switch can save you additional costs. With so many family oriented multiplayer games that work well with a single Joy-Con control, multiplayer is available out of the box with no additional controllers. With careful planning of holiday gifts, Switch offers a good option thanks to its various play options and the ability No it takes a lot of add-ons to have fun right out of the box.

The different options also mean that a range of households can get more than one Switch, which is pretty much a win-win situation for Nintendo.

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All about this inspiring lifestyle

From that point onward, Nintendo has steadily promoted the Switch’s image as a valuable companion in day-to-day activities, socializing with family and friends, and of course in a number of “serious” games like RPGs to spend time. This brings us back to the old argument that the system is more than just the sum of its parts – it’s an obsolete tablet with removable controllers and a TV dock, but Nintendo has made it a Wii / DS-like lifestyle. era.

We see Nintendo promoting fitness and activity with such Fit Adventure ring, it promotes single and multiplayer mind exercises with an upcoming Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain, and of course, there are tons of other fitness games and puzzles. There is also the possibility of a multiplayer game, Mario Superstar Party This is a recent example: Marketing for over four years has shown a mix of television and handheld gaming with friends and family. It has established itself as a highly social machine, an impressive PR feat when you consider its weak offering in areas like online voice chat.

Of course, there is also a single player game, where marketing indicates players sinking into a comfy chair at home, in front of the TV or on the street. This is an old hat for many of us, but it is an inspiring worldview designed with people’s lifestyles in mind and respect for their time. This is another factor that makes it attractive to all types of people.

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There are so many games

It’s easy to overlook those of us who have been on the Switch train since day one and may be struggling to pick a holiday purchase (especially with a delay Advance Wars 1 + 2: Reload Camp), but by now the system has a wonderful and varied library. After all Mario Kart 8 Deluxe still sells millions of copies a year, so there is yet many people are discovering the joys of racing for the first time. Then there are several Pokemon games, let’s not forget, and incessant delights Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Switch has gradually amassed a hefty library of exclusives, both proprietary and third-party, and has also benefited from the Wii U port series – games that few will play in their original form. While it’s easy to focus on what the Nintendo system can’t offer, such as strong versions of many popular multi-platform games like Call of Duty and more, there are many unique or better games on the Switch. Again, for those of us who are constantly piling up a collection, it’s easy to get past it, but for those arriving late on Switch, the library’s diversity is outstanding.

So yeah, when it comes to Switch, there are games in Switch.

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You can actually find them in stores

Maybe this is a big and kind of gift for Nintendo in light of the unprecedented challenges of the past couple of years. Nintendo, like many other entertainment companies, experienced a boom in sales and profits in 2020 due to global restrictions and the multitude of people in need of home entertainment. Now, in 2021 and next year, the impact of COVID remains, while the tech industry is also grappling with severe chip shortages and logistics challenges. It is becoming increasingly difficult to manufacture and distribute consoles, and Nintendo is also suffering, despite its established pipelines and use of off-the-shelf and well-established technologies.

However, it was impossible for Sony and Microsoft to keep up with demand, especially with the PS5 and Xbox Series X models. Each of these systems hitting stores sell quickly, and anyone looking to buy one for the holiday season will rely on luck and timing. The Switch OLED is quite similar to this one in some territories and other specific kits and colors are hard to find, but there are standard and lightweight models available with a little search. While the latest generation Sony and Microsoft systems (PS4 / Xbox One) should theoretically be cheap options, they appear to be effectively discontinued and of course not being promoted.

It’s not an easy situation for Sony and Microsoft, but for Nintendo it certainly wins out as the most affordable gaming system in stores.

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Mass appeal, “Blue Ocean”, etc.

To one degree or another, all modern game consoles have massive appeal – games have never been that big, and it seems that we are moving to a stage where the term “gamer” will become irrelevant. The sheer variety of games available across platforms means that most people are now “gamers”, whether on consoles, phones, etc.

The Switch’s strong momentum and all the factors highlighted above contribute to the massive appeal that has made this generation successful for Nintendo. The company also used this time to create a “brand”: the LEGO Mario series has proven to be hugely popular, and of course a Mario movie will be released next winter. After a difficult period in the 3DS / Wii U era, the company’s brand has undoubtedly returned to a high point, gaining recognition and popularity.

Nintendo certainly doesn’t have to take this for granted, it needs to keep gaining momentum.

For many of us, the Switch is an outdated but charming device, but that’s not exactly how it is perceived in the wider world. It may seem incredible to us that millions of people will still buy the Switch – in fact, in its original form – at the end of 2021, but that’s the case. However, one can only guess where the Switch and Nintendo hardware business will be located in 12 months.

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