3DS eShop Review – Nintendo Pocket Football Club

Image: Nintendo

One month before the 3DS and Wii U online stores close for new purchases on March 27, each day we’ll be highlighting a specific game from the online store for one of these consoles and briefly explaining why we think it deserves your love and attention before it’s too late. The ability to add them to your library will soon disappear forever, and, for one reason or anotherthese online store exclusives are close to us.

Today, Liam talks about one of the best football games on the Nintendo platform, which, unfortunately, was exclusive to PAL territories…

So what is it called?

Nintendo Pocket Football Club, a sequel to the 2006 Japan-only game. Calcium Bit for the Game Boy Advance.

We have a review of this 3DS release dated 2014. We liked it then and we still think it’s good in 2023.

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