33 indie games coming to Switch in 2022

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This is a new year – a year with many deuces, whatever that means – and that means there are many things to look forward to preparing for. We’ve already covered 30 games that await us in 2022, but there are many more than invisible ones: indie games! So why not check out some of the small but brilliant games coming to Nintendo Switch this year?

Of course, we will not repeat any of the games that made it into our big 30 – this means that you will not find Windjammers 2, OlliOlli World, Card Shark, Outer Wilds, Sports Story, Oxenfree II, TMNT: Shredder’s. Revenge, Metal Slug Tactics, River City Girls 2 or Hollow Knight: Silksong are here. Instead, we hope you find some games you didn’t even know about before – we certainly knew!

Astronir – January 13, 2022

“In this adventure, players can work together to build their own bases above or below ground, create vehicles to explore the vast solar system, and use the landscape to create anything they can imagine. The player’s creativity and ingenuity are the keys to finding and thriving. during exciting planetary adventures! “

Rice. 2. Valley Creed – February 2022

“An adventure game that takes place in the human mind. Nightmares wreak havoc, and enemies have invaded once peaceful lands. Join Dusty, the courage of Reason, and fight your way through puzzles, musical boss battles and unique locations. Face your fears in no uncertain terms. “

Lord Winklebottom Investigation – First Quarter 2022

“It’s the 1920s, and the best detective in the world is about to take on his most difficult case. Fortunately, in this world, which is not quite like ours, there is no one better than the great detective and gentleman the giraffe, Lord Winklebottom. “

Detective Agency Chinatown – Spring 2022

“A mysterious adventure game that takes you across Singapore and the world in pursuit of criminals, witnesses and evidence. Conduct real-world research and investigation to solve puzzles and uncover clues, and manage your time and money to expose customer cases as well-meaning and nefarious. Along the way, untangle a web of conspiracies and conspiracies that threaten to push Lion City to the brink. “

Endling – Extinction is Forever – Spring 2022

“Find out what life will be like in a world devastated by humanity through the eyes of the last fox on Earth in this environmentally conscious adventure. Discover the destructive power of the human race as it corrupts, pollutes and exploits the most precious and valuable resources of the natural environment day after day. “

OMORI – Spring 2022

Explore a strange world full of colorful friends and enemies. Navigate bright and mundane to uncover a forgotten past. When the time comes, the path you have chosen will determine your fate … and perhaps the fate of others too. “

Behind the Scenes: Best Landscapes – Spring 2022

“A relaxing, eloquent game that can be played at any pace. Immerse yourself in a panoramic world filled with gorgeous colors, beautiful hand-animated visuals and a smooth, easy-to-listen soundtrack. As an avid artist, look for missing colors to bring your paintings to life, while making sure to take coffee and breakfast breaks that keep you going. This is more than meets the eye, because every painting has a story to tell. “

EP Afterlove – Summer 2022

“A unique fusion of dating sim, rhythm game and narrative adventure that takes players to their home in Rama, a young musician whose friend Cinta recently passed away.”

Loko Motive – Summer 2022

“On the eve of the wealthy heiress’s landmark performance, Lady Unterwald, the outspoken lawyer, crime novel-turned-rookie detective and undercover spy find themselves embroiled in murder, mystery, and worst of all … adventure. ! Now stuck aboard a luxury steam train, within reach of a cold-blooded killer, the race begins to prove your innocence once and for all! “

Sea of ​​Stars – Holiday 2022

“Embark on a dangerous and amazing journey as the Warrior of the Solstice in this turn-based RPG inspired by the classics. Sea of ​​Stars tells the story of two Children of the Solstice who combine the powers of the sun and moon to perform Eclipse Magic. the only force capable of withstanding the monstrous creations of the evil alchemist known as the Manser of Flesh. “

Little Nemo and the Nightmare Fiends – Late 2022

A non-linear platformer based on Winsor McKay’s groundbreaking 1905 comic, Little Nemo in Dreamland, which follows the adventures of a 7-year-old boy in his dreamland. Players control Nemo and three of his friends: each character has their own unique abilities to explore many surreal environments as they confront the Fiends who threaten to destroy Nemo’s happy dreams forever! “

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