30 changes we’d like to see in the next Pokémon Scarlet & Violet update

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Let’s start with the big old Denial of responsibilityA: We are not game developers. We don’t know how to program. we really don’t know Why Pokémon Scarlet and Violet were broken and buggy when released. Also, we definitely don’t want to just join the stream of hate directed at Game Freak right now, even though they’re probably doing well with a record 10 million copies of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet sold per question. days.

But even though we can’t pinpoint specific causes for the game to crash or fix issues, we do have a few ideas and hopes for the future of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet – so we’ve put together a list of 30 changes, fixes, and additions that we’d love to see. in update.

Like this…

Changes we’d like to see in the next Pokémon update

Software fixes

30 changes, fixes and additions for the next Pokemon update
Things of nightmares – Image: Nintendo Life

General stability improvements

If there’s one thing we’d like to see in Game Freak first and foremost, it’s the stability of the game. Nowadays, figuring out whether a game will crash or not is quite difficult – and it’s not perfect! People need to know that their game won’t fall out from under them more than anything else.

Improved textures

With the stability fixes, the game would be playable, but it still wouldn’t be pretty in many places. The main conspicuous problem with the open world of Scarlet and Violet is the textures, which are either pretty darn dull (looking at you, sandy areas) or very obviously repetitive, like those of the rocks and mountains of Paldea.

A bit of variety and contrast in these areas would have been nice and would have made the world so much more beautiful, instead of the giant walls of bland brown scattered around now.

30 changes, fixes and additions for the next Pokemon update
So… many… rocks… — Image: Nintendo Life

UI Consistency

We have a nightmare of time learning which buttons do what in this game because it’s pretty inconsistent. Sometimes Y returned, sometimes B. Sometimes both. It seems like the + button is supposed to open a menu, but instead X opens the menu and + brings up your trip. Pokedex is displayed as a minus button as well as the X button in the Y menu, and it seems like it should be in the X menu anyway. It just seems messy and chaotic.

Faster loading times

Most of all, this applies to stores and boxes. It takes a century to download all the hats, gloves, and Pokémon. every time! Surely there is a fix for this? This has never been a problem in Pokemon games.

30 changes, fixes and additions for the next Pokemon update
It took a while for this multiplayer mode to work – Image: Nintendo Life

Multiplayer fixes

Most of the bugs people find are related to the multiplayer game. It’s probably to be expected – it’s a massive feature with a lot of edge cases that are hard to plan for, especially in the reduced timeframes Pokemon games get these days. But, well, the multiplayer feels very… raw at best and unfinished at worst.

Don’t get us wrong – it’s really fun, and being able to do story quests with friends is incredible, as well as seeing pop-up notifications telling you what they’re doing in the world. Plus, sharing sandwiches is the most fun we’ve ever had. But connectivity issues, animation bugs, and the fact that your buddies can’t really help you are a little disappointed with story quests.

Character customization

30 changes, fixes and additions for the next Pokemon update
Only four skin tones? In the year of our Arceus 2022?! — Image: Game Freak

More skin tones

Pokémon ScarVi currently offers… four skin tones. Two very light (and almost indistinguishable), one olive and one darker, but really not many options for a large part of the population. Surely skin tones are one of the easiest character customization options? Especially considering the huge number of types of eyelashes. Who even knows their type of eyelashes?

More asexual options

It’s 2022, and the gender-neutral future that Game Freak dreams of is that no one is allowed to wear skirts. Seriously? Why? Give us back our skirts and let everyone wear them. Forcing everyone to walk around in trousers and shorts is not progress!

Red hair

We understand that natural red hair is probably not as common in Game Freak’s home country of Japan, but if ten million people have bought Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, then statistically 100,000 of those players have naturally red hair. Not red like ketchup, but red like red hair. It would be nice to have a hair option for them!

30 changes, fixes and additions for the next Pokemon update
Even kids who wear uniforms can mix it up more than this – Image: Nintendo Life

No more uniformity

We are very much like Pink Floyd Another Brick in the Wall about how Scarlet and Violet decided to make us wear uniforms 24/7. This negates many other fashion choices – what’s the point of wearing blue if it contrasts terribly with orange?

At the very least, give us a chance to have what our schools used to call “own clothes day” where you can wear whatever the hell you like, because after all, most of the history of Pokémon ScarVi isn’t even installed at school!

Motorcycle accessories

We love Corydon and Miraidon as a vehicle for our Paldean Pokémon Trainer, so why not let us dress them up a bit? Bicycle horns! Saddles! Little hats! This would help us stand out from the other trainers in the co-op, since most of us run our bikes all the time anyway.

More Options

30 changes, fixes and additions for the next Pokemon update
Aksyu doesn’t even have hands – Image: Nintendo Life

Skip combat animation

Being able to go into settings and turn on the “skip combat animation” option is an absolute must for a game that’s all about long, drawn-out battles and battles that you want to end as soon as possible. It’s been in the series for ages, which only makes its absence from PSV all the more conspicuous!

Camera sensitivity

It’s a pretty simple request, and most games these days even include it in their meager options menu, but can we change the camera’s sensitivity? currently path too slow and Arceus knows the game has enough slowness issues already.

Disable Experience Sharing

Some of us like being able to split the experience into six parts, but others – those who are really good at competitive Pokemon – want to have more control over leveling up their “mons”. Not giving us that option seems like an odd choice for Game Freak, but we’re seeing the feature finally return in a future update, especially since it’s a relatively simple toggle.

30 changes, fixes and additions for the next Pokemon update
We love the peace sign in real life – Image: Nintendo Life

More selfie poses

We love the selfie poses we have, but we wouldn’t mind a few more. Think about why people take selfies – mostly to show or react to something in the game – and add more poses based on that. Here are some suggestions: 😅😛😒😔🙄😙😲😤

pokemon selfie

We want to take pictures with our Pokémon too! Perhaps take a leaf from the Disney Dreamlight Valley book, here – DDV will make nearby characters come up and pose if they see you taking a selfie. In Pokémon ScarVi, our Pokémon usually run around in circles around us like babies with high sugar levels. Some of them even deliberately move out of the way when we try to photograph them like a grumpy cat. Can’t we bribe them with Pokétriots or something?

We’re only halfway through our list, so keep turning to page two for even more things we’d like to add to the game…

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