3 Bayonetta 3 Fan Theories From Nintendo Direct Trailer

A man in a tin foil hat sits alone in a room looking at his laptop, which has an image of Bayonetta winking back at him.

I am tell me I slept well after last night Bayonetta 3 trailer, but in fact I watched it on repeat.
Image: PlatinumGames / Kotaku / Patrick Dachsenbichler (Shutterstock)

Joy be Jubelius! After 1386 days without news next Bayonetta 3with Game rewards trailer back in 2017, the bad witch Umbrana is back, and Bi-Visibility Day Not less. During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct presentation, we not only had a wacky trailer, but a tentative release window for 2022. Yes we Bayonetta fans are finally eating, but after waiting so long, this glimpse of the next game has also sparked a storm of fan theories and speculation among us.

As Bayonetta’s domestic husband, this is my job, moreover, my privilege is to analyze all the theories that have arisen, and think which ones deserve attention. Welcome to my fantasy zone. Let’s start, okay?

I almost flew out of my seat when I heard the evocative sound effect of the trailer witch’s time clock. But in the end, Bayonetta spoke up, and while in many ways this is the iconic voice we know, something sounded a little off. It still sounds sultry and oozes as much sex appeal as possible with a British accent, but a good Bayonetta fan can discern the genuine article. It’s subtle, but there is something different about Bayonetta here – perhaps younger. This led me and many others to storm Twitter and Reddit, expressing confidence that this Bayonetta is not the one we are familiar with, but rather Seresa, a time-shifted children’s version of Bayonetta from the first game.

The first evidence to support this theory came even before the Direct trailer was released, when Bayonetta’s voice actress, Hellena Taylor, hinted at a rework of the character. When a fan tweeted Taylor that they couldn’t imagine Bayonetta without her amazing voice, Taylor replied, “Well, you might have to.”

By further pressing Taylor said another fan that she has no right to say whether she will repeat this role because she was bound by a confidentiality agreement. This led the YouTuber Suzy Hunter suggest that Taylor might still be in the game, because if she wasn’t involved in some way, she might just say that.

The second piece of evidence supporting this theory is the hairstyle that Bayonetta is rocking in the new trailer. In the past, Bayonetta shook a hive in Bayonetta and pixie intervened Bayonetta 2… This time she has long braided braids, similar to those of Sereza. Suzy claimed that this is already an adult Sereza, which would make sense, given that in the first game, Bayonetta dated an alternative version of herself as a child. Additionally, completing the second game included Bayonetta resetting the game’s timeline after defeating Aesir with the help of a younger version of her father, Baldurwhom she defeated in the first game until his younger version was thrown into the future Bayonetta 2 and … listen, Bayonets plot Indeed confusing. Just know it makes sense given the timely nonsense that has already happened in Bayonetta knowledge.

Bayonetta’s new image resembles Sereza not only in her hair, but also in her clothes (yes, this is also her hair). Her dances in the trailer are also more delightful than the seductive moves from previous games. Her doll even appears at the end of the trailer. More on this later.

Fanbyte ‘s Imran Khan took Sereza’s theory further, based on the teaser trailer when Bayonetta, in her iconic guise from the first game, was defeated by a mysterious creature. He suggested that the plot Bayonetta 3 could involve us in playing as Sereza in an attempt to save Bayonetta in some kind of time travel.

Further evidence of this is the fact that the demons in the trailer, like Madame Butterfly, also look younger and play a little differently than in previous games, at times showing more Devil triggers how Climax of Umbrana… This Reddit post understands how Madame Butterfly’s Peter Pan-like shadow effect seems less jagged than in the past. The demons in the trailer don’t look like either angels and hellish demons we’ve seen before. They have a unique blue angular design compared to the gold-trimmed angel designs and dark red demon designs in previous games. This further fueled fan rumors that the plot Bayonetta 3 takes place in yet another alternate timeline in Bayonetta Universe.

The mysterious silhouette of a man with a sword on his back stands in front of the blood-red moon and looks over his shoulder at the camera.

Could we have “Virgil from Devil May Cry Series »sticker on Bayonetta Boxing Art 3?
Screenshot: PlatinumGames / Kotaku

The trailer also raises another big question: who is the mysterious character at the end? We see the enigmatic silhouette cuts the estimated release date in half before turning to the camera. I wildly guessed it Devil May Cry character, possibly Nero or Virgil, because of the vibration I got from their pose. Guy Kotaku Writer Luke Plunkett warned me not to hurt myself by too much theorizing, so I have since tempered my expectations. But hey, enbi can dream, right?

Virgil stands in front of a mirrored dimension that shatters like glass and peers over his shoulder.

Yes, I thought Virgil, the alpha and the omega himself, would be a guest in Bayonetta 3.
Screenshot: Capcom / Kotaku

A more grounded theory is that it is Sereza’s disease. Jeanne… Jeanne served alongside Bayo as one of the Umbran witches and was a rival and ally. DMCwith Virgil this to Dante… With schedule Bayonetta being extravagant, this character is probably Jeanne from an alternate universe in which Sereza’s powers are fully realized.

Considering red they the energy that comes from this mysterious character, unlike Bayonetta. blue they the color scheme is probably a safe guess. She even has a Sereza doll on the end of her sword, indicating that she may be the enemy again.

In the past, the theme songs of the games were “Fly me to the moon” for Bayonetta and “Moon river” for Bayonetta 2… Her red pistols in the first game were named Scarborough Fair and her blue cannons in the second game were named appropriately Love is blue

The inscription on Bayonetta's blue rifles reads: "color my world" flickers in the sun.

Bayonetta remains fastened and always carries this thing with her. Whether in the hands or on the feet.
Screenshot: PlatinumGames / Kotaku

R / Bayonetta subreddit got to the theoretical reasoning about what you can call Bayonetta’s weapon. Bayonetta 3, and thanks to a short moment in the trailer where you can see the inscription on the Bayonetta heel pistols, they realized that the song for Bayonetta 3 could be “Color My World”.

Remarkably, there are two different songs with this title, one from a British singer. Petula Clarke and another American rock band Chicago… We’ll have to wait until 2022 to see if Bayonetta’s theme music is derived from Clark’s 60s children’s song, or from a more melancholic Chicago tune. I lean towards the first. Energetic lines like “You will never see a dark cloud hanging around me / Now I am surrounded by only blue sky” – correspond to the Sereza whom I know and love the most.

So that is all; all the theories that we bayoners have come up with in the last 24 hours. Now Hideki Kamiya, Platinumand Nintendo can breathe a sigh of relief when we Bayonetta fans stop asking them questions for a while. And now I’m going to watch the trailer again for the 30th time.

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