25 Stardew Valley Secrets And Easter Eggs You Probably Didn’t Know About

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Fancy yourself as a nerd from Stardew Valley? Do you feel like you know the game inside and out? We’re here to challenge that, with 25 niche and amazing things you may (or may not) already know about the game!

25 Stardew Valley Facts You Didn’t Know

Rarecrow Links

rare crows
Image: ConcernedApe

Rarecrows, which are like rare effigies, are achieved in various ways, everything is a bit strange. Some of them are obvious references – aliens, the dwarf from the mines – but others seem to contain references to beloved ConcernedApe!

reference to the Simpsons

You can make yourself a pair of radioactive goggles by combining cloth and a radioactive bar. These glasses have the description “Doesn’t actually provide any protection from radiationis a reference to the infamous episode of Radioactive Man. The Simpsonsin which Rainier Wolfcastle splashed acid in his eyes while crying “My eyes! The glasses don’t do anything!”

old names

Penny used to be called Dana, Alex was called Josh, and Willy was called… Dick. Yeah.

Secret Animations

You can click on NPC sprites to make them animate!

dress like trash

Literally! Place a piece of junk in the sewing machine (Broken CD, Broken Glasses, Driftwood, Wet Newspaper, and Trash all work) and you’ll have a trash can-like top. Pair them with a nice trash hat that looks like a trash can lid and can be found (you guessed it) in trash cans all over the city and you’ll look like a trash can. Add a gray pleated skirt to complete the look!

Get out of your mother’s basement

Six of the 12 marriage candidates (Maru, Penny, Sebastian, Abigail, Sam, Alex) live with their parents or grandparents. Maybe the rent situation is complicated? In any case, there are only a few houses to live in…

picky eaters

The villagers will complain about having to eat the food you sell to Pierre if it’s of “normal” quality. Obviously, everyone in town has really high standards, and if you sell Pierre a ton of food, you will hear this dialogue over and over again.

Crossovers at Farmingverse

There’s a secret Stardew/Terraria crossover with Junimos, blue chickens and Joja Cola.

Changing of the climate

From @lil_wage on Twitter:

“In Stardew Valley, storms are good for batteries, but they are rare. There is an item called a rain totem that causes rain the next day, but not a storm. “Pelican Town has been raging for 12 consecutive days”

Blood? No it’s just red water

fish ponds
Image: Stardew Wiki / Dubesor / ConcernedApe

Lava Eels, Super Cucumbers, Slimejacks and Nether Salmon change the color of the fish pond water to red, blue, green and purple if you want your ponds to match the overall color. atmosphere your halloween/gothic/sewer farm!

cucumber fashion

Put a Sea Cucumber or Super Cucumber in your sewing machine and you’ll get… a spinning top. Yes. You wear cucumber like top. It’s fashion, baby!

Walk in the rain

Did you know that the weather in Stardew Valley is not random, but determined by the number of steps the player takes? This may seem ridiculously useless, but in fact very useful for speedrunnerswho can take a precisely calculated number of steps to guarantee rain.

Well it’s for real a little harder than that. The random chance is also calculated with whole numbers, such as the player’s unique ID number and the number of days played. However, if you’re a speedrunner who likes to manipulate variables, then all you need to know is what seed you’re using, and then you can consistently produce the same “random” output. Cool, yeah?

The mayor’s underwear is delicious

If you put Mayor Lewis’s purple shorts in a luau soup, Mayor Lewis will yell at you for messing up the soup and “using my very personal item for this stupid purpose”…but the governor you’re trying to impress in the first place , says the following:

“Hmm… It’s a bit spicy… but it actually tastes pretty good! Wait a minute… there’s something in my bowl… what is it?

Good soup.

Other options for underwear

You can also display the purple shorts in the homestead window as part of the Stardew Valley Fair (you’ll be offered Star Tokens to take them off), and you can even wear them (Lewis gets upset and Marnie giggles). If you’ve unlocked Ginger Island and the Resort, you can gift them to him while he’s away and he’ll wear them to the beach!

The game will remember it

star dew
Image: ConcernedApe

Stardew Valley keeps track of how many times you’ve launched the game, and from time to time you’ll see messages in the bottom left corner when you hit an important number. Run the game 20 times and you will see a small heart; 30 times and you’ll be told “Complete the Journey of the Prairie King without dying”; 10,000 times and you’ll get a special message from ConcernedApe (which we won’t spoil).

Your player may be very bad at music

…Without a reason! If your randomly assigned multiplayer ID is divisible by 111, any music your character plays will be fake. This includes the Elliott piano and musical emotion.

Sunflower seeds conspiracy

When JojaMart and Pierre’s exist at the same time, Pierre’s prices are significantly lower than Joja, with the exception of sunflower seeds, which cost 200 gold at Pierre’s and only 125 gold at JojaMart. If you purchase a Joja membership, prices across the board will drop to match Pierre’s shop, but sunflower seeds will drop too, dropping them to 100 gold at JojaMart.

However, it gets even weirder! When you collect sunflower seeds, you get additional flower seeds and you can then sell them back to Pierre for 20 gold each – unless you bought them from JojaMart first, in which case Pierre will buy them for 100 gold. instead of. Pierre, what’s wrong with you?

frog hat

You can get the Frog Hat by fishing in Gourmet Lake on Ginger Island. Who put it there? Do not worry about it.

coffee hipster

Put a coffee bean in the sewing machine and you get… a flannel shirt. Coffee hipster uniforms are everywhere.

Friendly Slimes

Hatch a slime in a town and it will become a friendly little guy who greets the townspeople by name. Awww.


The two “Strange Doll” artifacts in the game are actually a reference to an old work by ConcernedApe, namely a webcomic he created called wumbus world. You can also see the Wumbus in the sci-fi movie Wumbus at the Cinema and get the Wumbus statue in the Crane game. You can even stick a green doll in a sewing machine to make a wumbus t-shirt!

You made the moon angry

evil moon
Image: Stardew Wiki/Margotbean/ConcernedApe

Click on the moon on the 27th of any month to bring up an angry little moon face, which is potentially a reference to Georges Méliès’ short silent film A Trip to the Moon in which a rocket crashes into the eye of a man on the moon. moon. That’s why he wears a monocle.

shrimp lover

If you love shrimp, why not make yourself a T-shirt that everyone recognizes it on? Place the shrimp cocktail in your sewing machine to make this garment that tastes like shrimp. Shrimp!!

No ice cream for you!

If you marry Alex, he will simply refuse to work at an ice cream stand in the summer, probably because he knows that he can cheat on you instead. Boo.

Stylish hedgehogs

hedgehog wedding
Image: u/stefi-chan / ConcernedApe

You probably know that you can put hats on children and horses, but did you know that you can put hats on sea urchins in your home aquarium? This is very nice. You can also wear hats on Alien Rarecrow!

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