22 Racing Series is another futuristic racer that doesn’t look like F-Zero

Developer GOATi Entertainment has revealed that its action-packed racing game 22 Racing Series is coming to Switch next year. 2023 after the early access period on Steam, starting from November 22, 2022.

This is another racing sim that reminds us of Nintendo’s own game. F-zero a franchise that, at the time of writing, has been dormant for almost two decades. However, that doesn’t detract from the 22 Racing Series, which, despite its rather lackluster name, looks damn good!

Here’s some more info from GOATi Entertainment:

“The world’s first Future Physics Race (FPR) takes place on Earth 100 years from now, where climate change has devastated the environment. Resource-intensive racing series have moved online, limiting their environmental impact and making global sport accessible to all. .

Explore the landscapes most affected by climate change, including Florida, Bangladesh, the Solomon Islands, and Antarctica. Time trials, varied circuit races, tough knockout rounds, point-to-point racing and capturing the flag inspired by the capture of the sector.

Gain a competitive edge by unleashing your creativity. Fill a virtually unlimited range of custom built cars with personalized engine torque, tire grip selection and more in next-gen adaptive “keyframe” tuning that tunes cars based on speed and action to achieve maximum grip and downforce.

Compete in massive 100-player casual races and earn an impressive rank to avoid elimination in Race Royale. Try to catch another racer in Catch Me If You Can, Streaker. Reach new heights of lightning speed with real-time strategy resource management and build mechanics for real-time strategy-inspired racing (RTS-Racing).”

Hopefully we’ll get more information on a more specific release date soon and be sure to let you know!

What do you think of 22 Racing Series? Fasten your seat belts and let us know in the comments.

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