200,000 people watch pilots board planes on Brutal Storm Live

A huge passenger plane comes in to land at Heathrow Airport in strong winds.

Screenshot: Big Jet TV / Kotaku

The United Kingdom is currently suffering from the worst storm in 30 years. Storm Eunice reportedly hit winds of 190 mph as it swept through the southern half of the UK, breaking all-time records. So what are the British doing in response? Yes, that’s right, they tune in live feed of planes trying to land at London’s Heathrow Airport, while Londoner Jerry Dyer shouts encouraging remarks.

YouTube channel Big Jet TV suddenly became a viral sensation, peaking at around 210,000 live viewers today as people thronged to watch impossibly shaky landings at the nation’s busiest airport. The footage showed planes flying sideways, alarmingly hard landings and a high number of failed attempts as the planes jumped out at the last second and returned to the sky. All accompanied by host Jerry Dyer yelling out La Dana’s eccentric remarks such as “GO MY SON!”, “Calm down, son, take it easy!” and “GO HERE!” when they reach the runway.

The channel was already quite popular with aviation enthusiasts, regularly broadcasting the runways at Heathrow live. Last month, there was another viral video (see above) of an A321 crashing when it horribly messed up its landing by hitting the runway with its tail and then miraculously bouncing back into the air. But the attention on the channel today is unrivaled, with constant interruptions of his hilarious commentary as every British news outlet turns up to interview him for the evening newscasts.

Shouts of “WOAH ‘E GREASED THA’ ONE!” how planes pitch and lean in an attempt to land despite extremely dangerous side winds make this a most unusual and interesting sight. Awkward viewing too, because, let’s be honest, no one watches in the hope that every landing will be textbook and smooth.

In fact, watching the stream (as I have been watching for several hours now, despite absolutely zero interest in aircraft (as they are correctly spelled)) is an uncomfortable combination of thrill and anxiety. The idea of ​​seeing an accident is disgusting. But watching them chicken out at the last second, within arm’s reach of the runway, and back into the sky for a go-around is an incredible sight. Also, you know, when the crosswind changed to a headwind, and landings became easier, the viewing almost immediately dropped to 100k.

Airplane.  I am an expert.  It flies through the sky, heading to land at Heathrow.

Image: Big Jet TV / Kotaku

Storm Eunice broke out in the Atlantic Ocean late on Thursday and hit the southwest of the UK early in the morning. But the real winds hit around 9 a.m. GMT, toppling the coastline and tearing out electrical and telephone lines in their path. Yesterday, the UK’s national weather service, the Met Office, issued an extremely rare ‘red’ warning for the coastal areas of Cornwall, Devon, Wales and Bristol, then extended it overnight to include the much more populous south east, including London. Schools are closed across the country, as are railroad tracks, and people are advised to stay at home.

It hit where I live in the southwest, causing relatively little damage other than a few downed trees, but my family in Cornwall is still without power and my sister has a nasty hole in her roof. It looks like things could get much more difficult for the Southeast as time goes on. But at least we can get through the latest incarnation of forced lockdown, sucking our teeth while watching planes nearly crash all day.

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