16 years after release, Team Fortress 2 gets a major update

Image: Valve

I know it’s still available and playedBut Team Fortress 2 sometimes it can seem like a game from another age. Partly because is, but also because it’s so old—and hasn’t been updated in so long—that you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s on its last legs. But no!

The game’s website, which oddly enough hasn’t been updated since the game’s launch.hummed life today, posting a news blog called “Attention, the creators of the Steam Workshop!”. It states that the game will not only receive a “full update-sized update” later this year, with “items, maps, taunts, unusual effects, warpaints and who knows what else?!”, but that the update will also include yourself some of the game’s community content.

Steam Workshop creators, please take note. next post So urgent, So time, we have made an executive decision to completely abandon TikTok and Twitter and break the glass on the most advanced communications technology available.

Welcome to the future. Welcome… to the “blog post”.

“Wow!” you probably think. “I forgot how hard it is to read!” Yeah, it’s scary how fast you lose it. Don’t worry, we’ll be brief:

The last few Summer Team Fortress events have been all about item updates. But this This year we plan to release a full-fledged update the size of an update – with items, cards, taunts, unusual effects, warpaints and who knows what else?! Which means we need Steam Workshop content! YOUR Steam Workshop content!

So get to work! (Or get back to work if you were already working but got sidetracked when the entire internet found out about this cutting edge blog post at the same time.) Be sure to submit your work to the Steam Workshop by May 1st so they can be considered for this as yet untitled. a non-themed but still very exciting summer (but not summer) update (unless you want to develop things with a summer theme).

This is the first good news that the gaming community has received in the past few years. the only thing other people have heard Team Fortress 2 there were huge problems in the game with botsand subsequent user protests about it.

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