16-bit Metroidvania ‘Souldiers’ lets you switch puzzles, platformers and battles

Next year, new Metroidvania entertainment awaits on Nintendo Switch with Souldiers coming to the online store in Spring 2022 from publisher Dear Villagers and developer Retro Forge.

Brought to life in a 16-bit pixelated world of Souldiers, you fight for your freedom in a “vast fantasy world sandwiched between the living and the fallen.” You will be stuck in all the familiar features of the genre, such as puzzle platformer, exploration and battles in the spirit of souls, and an intriguing story awaits you:

“As you fight for the glory of your kingdom, you and your fellow servants are transported to Terragaya, a mystical land on the outskirts of the afterlife. Your task is to find the Guardian and travel to the next world. You and your compatriots have never really died.

Fight your way to the heart of the mystery: outwit cunning enemies, solve nefarious puzzles, upgrade your character, and explore every corner of a dazzling, convoluted 16-bit world. Souldiers is a handcrafted retro epic for centuries. “

No specific release date has yet been announced beyond the spring 2022 window, but we have some early details that will let us know a little more about what we can expect:

– Addictive hand-to-hand combat: Slash, parry and dodge through an ever-evolving roster of enemies, improving your skills and equipment to find the fighting style that’s perfect for you.

– An interconnected world: discover a vast, hand-crafted landscape filled with treasures, cool bosses and secret paths.

– 16-bit feel: Terragaya comes to life with vibrant, world-class pixel art filled to the brim with detail.

– Smart moves: solve puzzles and jump from place to place using an ever-expanding set of moves.

One to watch out for? Feel free to share your thoughts on the game in the comments below.

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