12 games to try when you need a great storyline or characters

Raz and his family look at what worries them on a starry night.

Screenshot: Double Penalty / Kotaku

Psychonauts 2 has a fairly large cast of characters, large enough that you might expect some to be underdeveloped or easily forgotten. But in reality, most of them are memorable and give time to express themselves, often with fully realized arcs, sometimes transitioning into the lives and travels of other characters in comedic or dramatic ways. Moreover, none of these characters appear to be two-dimensional. Instead, they are depicted as real people dealing with notoriously wild circumstances. I’ve met people like the energetic Raz, the serious but sad Hollis Forsyth, and the strong but guilty Ford Kruller. And these characters and their personalities help cement even the craziest moments in life. Psychonauts 2making it easier to communicate with them and contribute to the result of their stories. – Zach Zweizen

And so, we’ve picked out some of the relatively recent great games to try if you want something with great characters, memorable relationships, or understanding of a person’s condition. No doubt we missed some great ones, so share your favorites in the comments and help more people get a little human touch in a convenient video game form.

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