11 Things To Know For New Xbox Series X, S Owners: Games, Gear

Two next-gen Xbox consoles stick out in a black and green void.

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Congratulations, you have a next generation console. It’s hard to believe that a year after the launch of Xbox Series X / S it’s still so damn hard to find… But you did it. Or someone who really loves you and gave it to you for the holidays. How nice of them! Anyway, now that you have a new Xbox, you might be wondering what to do with it, or perhaps you just need some helpful tips to get started so you can start playing great games like Halo infinite as soon as possible. Kotakuhere to help!

Make sure you have a free Xbox account

While you can create an account on the console, using your phone or PC is faster, easier, and gives you a convenient way to save your password so you can sign in more efficiently in the future. Create a free Xbox account will allow you to access the Xbox Store and save your purchases so you can play all your games on other devices just by signing into your Xbox account.

Download the Xbox app to your phone

If you have an Xbox account, download the free Xbox app… This will make configuring your console much easier. While you can set up your Xbox Series X / S console without a phone, using the app simplifies the entire login process and tweaks things like language, location, and internet settings. Plus, after you get everything set up, the app can be used to message friends, send invitations, chat at parties, and more.

Check if your controller is up to date

I know controllers can be updated strangely, but it takes a while to test them in the settings menu. From there go to “Devices and Connections”where you can update any accessories connected to your console. Controllers can be updated wirelessly or via USB.

A very close-up view of the Xbox Series X / S controller.

Image: Microsoft

Set up automatic login via controller

Whether you trust everyone in your home or live alone, this option is great and a time saver! Go to your new Xbox’s account settings and look for Sign In, Security & Password. From there you can link your current active controller to your Xbox account… Now, whenever you use this controller, your Xbox will be automatically signed in with your account. Just remember that only one account can be associated with a controller, and once you enable it, anyone can access your account simply by using that controller to turn on the console.

Calibrate your TV and Xbox

Your new Xbox is powerful and can produce great images, but the graphics will look even better if you make sure both your TV and Xbox are properly calibrated. Fortunately, Xbox Series X / S has very easy-to-use tools to customize and enhance your picture, located in the video options in the general settings menu.

One of the tools here will tell you if your TV supports high dynamic range (HDR) color, a higher refresh rate like 120Hz, or variable refresh rate (VRR) technology. If your TV supports some of these functions, this same menu will allow you to quickly switch between them and a few others. Make sure you have time to get things set up correctly. If you have a fancy TV that supports all the bells and whistles, it would be a shame not to use them. Once you experience the game running at 120Hz with HDR, you won’t want to come back anymore.

Get Game Pass Ultimate

While you can use the Xbox without Microsoft Game Pass, we highly recommend that you give it a try. Game Pass is the best deal in gaming right now and will provide you with a large list of great games to try, many of which can be downloaded and installed in minutes. In particular, all games released by Microsoft such as Halo infinite and Forza horizon 5, come for free with a Game Pass subscription. V Game pass ultimate tier also grants you Xbox Live Gold, allowing you to play games like GTA Online and Battlefield 2042 online, and provide you with free games every month through the Games With Gold program. Ultimate also includes free PC games and cloud streaming. It is worth an upgrade.

Oh, also download the Game Pass app

I know the two Xbox apps seem odd, but if you’re interested in playing many games through Game Pass, get app… It’s easier to browse the Game Pass library through your phone, and you can start downloading and installing games through the app, which is handy if you’re at work or school hearing about some awesome new game. this has just been added to the service… Download it through the app and it will be waiting for you when you get home.

The Master Chief stands with his back to the camera, looking at the surroundings of the Halo ring.

Image: Microsoft / 343 Industries

Start downloading really good games

It’s time to plunge into the world. A great way to get started is take advantage of our list of the best Game Pass games to see the most interesting that the service has to offer. Some basic guidelines include: Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Control, Hollow Knight, and The outer worlds. But there are many more. And if you prefer to be scared, we have thoughts about great horror games Game Pass too much.

Customize your dashboard and organize all these games

As you start downloading more games, your Xbox dashboard will start to get cluttered. A great way to deal with this entropy is create several new toolbar sections… Just press the “two squares” button on your controller (by the way, it’s called the “view” button … weird) and you will see the “Configure Home” screen. Here you can customize the colors, theme, and background of your control panel and console. More importantly, you can add and remove sections of the main screen content. For example, you can create a section called Backlog and paste all the games you want to play there. Or you can organize by genre. Or whatever suits you. You can even assign these sections to games that you have not yet installed.

Consider buying a better controller and headset

I think the new Xbox controller is fantastic. But if you want something a little prettier, you can always go to Elite Controller, an improved, more advanced hardware controller. It features useful paddles at the back as well as improved handles and rubber grips. Personally, I haven’t switched to the Elite controller – it’s very expensive – but a lot of people are in awe of it.

However, I can personally recommend great official Xbox headset… It’s easy to use, sounds great, and can sync with your Xbox and other device at the same time. This allows me to chat with people online via Discord on my phone while still hearing audio from my Xbox game. You can even use the knob on the side of the headset to easily and quickly adjust the balance while playing.

Do it all before giving it to someone

If you are reading this before buying someone a new Xbox, or you already own and are about to pack it, stop! I highly recommend setting it up ahead of time by following most of the suggestions above, before giving the shiny new console to its intended recipient. So they can open it, plug it in, and start playing right away!

A new console is a great gift, but an even better gift is a new console filled with games that are already set up and ready to play.

After you’ve hooked up your Xbox, installed some fun new games, updated your controller, and sorted out your TV settings, it’s time to stop reading this article and go play video games. Well, if you don’t want to dig in the comments first, as I’m guessing some readers might have their own additional tips and tricks. Either way, enjoy your new Xbox!

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