11 Creepy Horror Games Ranked By How Much They Made Us Scream

Spiral staircase in the game Amnesia.

Image: friction games

Although Kotaku Editor John Walker would “definitely” recommend the 2010 survival horror. Amnesiahe can’t forget how he felt after two scenes.

“First of all, this is the scene at the beginning where you are walking down some kind of boring corridor and it ends in a cave-in where the ceiling falls through,” he DMed me. “So you just think, ‘Well, dead end,’ and turn around to go back.

But when you turn around, for a split second, a hideous image appears in front of you in the hallway. It disappeared before you could register, whether you saw it or not, and it scared everyone. shit of me.” John’s posts confirm that you can tell a scary story on a platform as simple as Slack.

Then there is invisible monster what cements Amnesia as owning what John calls “the scariest part of the game, except Thief 3I have ever played.”

“You are in this flooded hallway and there are tables and chairs scattered across the floor, but you can hear these footsteps,” he said. “If you touch the water at all, they suddenly speed get up and get louder when something approaches you. But there’s nothing there!”

And then you see splashes in the water where his feet should be! And you’re climbing climb, stand on the table and get out of the water. This is one of those moments where I lean until my face touches the monitor, in my attempts to move forward faster and climb up, my heart is pounding, and sheer panic makes my fingers struggle to control the mouse and keyboard.

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