10-Year Wait: Superbike World Championship Excitement Returns With SBK22

Milestone is back in the SBK franchise and it’s news! The Superbike World Championship is an important part of Milestone’s history.

We first started working on the game back in 1999 when the company was only three years old, and this game was also the first “bicycle” created by Milestone.

Third game in the series Superbike 2001is one of the most famous biker games ever made and is still popular with many fans.

We then returned to the SBC paddock in 2007 when we created SBK-07new and more accessible game available for 6th generation consoles followed by SBK-08 available for 7th generation.

In 2010, SBC X marked a great success and an important turning point in the history of Milestone.

We kept the series until 2012 when we created SBC Generationa true love letter from Milestone to the SBK World Championship.

Personally, I have a special connection with SBK games, which is the main reason I applied for a job at Milestone when I was a young designer. In the end, I was lucky enough to become the lead designer SBC Generations and now one of the inspirers of our new name SBC22.

SBC22 has the spirit of our old SBK games with all the Milestone know-how and updated technology, the perfect recipe for making a game that truly represents today’s superbike world championship and the state of the art of motorcycle simulation. The game is made on Unreal Engine and includes several technological innovations such as Milestone neural AI system, weather simulation, correct engine sound system, Milestone signature processing system and much more.


But games and racing are not only created by technology, people are also the basis for both, and in order to faithfully recreate the riding experience and experience of a real superbike rider, we had some useful conversations with the champions of a real sport, Bautista. , Rea and current champion Razgatlioglu. SBK bikes are based on stock bikes but designed to be the ultimate racing machine. SBC22 our players will be able to experience all the real feelings and behaviors of these racing beasts.

We have our own philosophy when we approach the game; we have applied the Milestone method, which is based on an accurate and realistic representation of real sports, so in SBC22 players will find an accurate reflection of the real championship with all sessions such as the pre-race, Tissot Superpole and Tissot Superpole Race, as well as the track, teams and more. It is also possible to go through a challenging career path in which players create their own history in the Superbike championship, starting from the bottom to work their way to the top, and also have the opportunity to create their own independent team and win with it.


SBC22 is available for any type of player, as our goal was to recreate a real sport, making it enjoyable for all tastes. Our hardcore players will enjoy competing on the highest level of difficulty without riding assistance, but perhaps other Superbike World Championship fans may prefer and enjoy a more moderate stimulation while engaging in epic battles with their heroes.

We are thrilled to be back in the SBK paddock, our fans have been asking us to do this for years and we are sure they will have as much fun with the game as we have with developing it.

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Mount your superbike and show what you can do in the 2022 Official WorldSBK™ Races. Ten years later, SBK™ is back with a more addictive and engaging game than ever, made with real racers to bring you the thrill of competition! PARTICIPATE IN 2022 WORLDSBK™ Take part in the official 2022 championship by choosing one of 24 riders, prove your worth in 12 stages and rise to the highest step of the podium. WEEKEND RACES Want to win first place in just one weekend? Immerse yourself in three days of free training, Tissot Superpoles and racing to test your skills and win in ever-changing situations. START YOUR JOURNEY TO BECOME NUMBER 1 All you need to do is put your signature in the right place and you can start your career in the superbike world: improve your reputation to join the best teams and hire professionals to form the perfect staff that will support you all the way to the top of the podium! Don’t forget about your bike: you’ll be in control of every parameter – from suspension control to engine upgrades – so you can build the superbike of your dreams. A REAL EXPERIENCE Hit the track with your favorite bike, control your fuel levels and choose the right tires to take full advantage of the toughest situations. Every choice counts as you face competitors that become even more ferocious and unpredictable thanks to ANNA, a neural artificial intelligence system based on machine learning. MULTIPLAYER Compete against your friends in Super Pole or simply race in the new multiplayer mode. But don’t stop there! You can also set your own personal time trial record to send your name to the top of the leaderboard!

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