10 What Sold For Fascinating Prices

Three precious Pokémon cards scattered in a background image of money.

Image: PWCC / Kotaku / Mark Wilson (Getty Images)

The current demand for rare and precious Pokémon cards has led to a frenzy outside, as people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in unopened boxes and rare book. Celebrity is popular influencers they have also engaged in the last two years, making the situation jump further. It has reached a point where shops are flooded with collectors, scalpers, and fans, who came together to create chaotic scenes. Because of all this, some retail stores began suspending the sale of Pokémon cards together. These are wild times, of course.

Maybe after seeing all this, you may be wondering what, exactly, people hope to discover in packages. Or maybe you want to know if that link full of cards in your attic is worth anything?

After talking to a large-scale auction house called PWCC market and doing some independent research, I’ve compiled a list of the rarest, most valuable Pokémon cards around. For this list, I decided against duplicates, because otherwise this article would be composed mainly of different types of Charizard cards and a single trainer card.

Take care: The numbers you are about to see are large. Here, from now on, are the top 10 most expensive Pokémon cards in history.


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