10 Video Game Kisses We Can’t Forget

Kotaku Staff writer Isaiah Colbert is still thinking about Kirby kissing their pals on the lips, as Ian Walker points out. V Kotaku article started in 1996 anthology Kirby Super Star.

A quick look at the North American game manual reveals that this move is called “borrow”.[ing] helping hand,” but come on,” he writes. “Lend a Helping Hand” Kirby Super Star it looks like Kirby picks up a useful item, quickly turns around and presses his plump face against his companion. Sounds suspiciously loud if you ask me.

This practice allowed Kirby to turn health-restoring items, such as cherries in co-op games, into heartwarming touches. Lady and the Tramp moments and “subsequently appeared under various names such as Face to Face and Item Exchange,” Walker writes. And if you’re in any doubt that this kiss is definitely a kiss, as big Nintendo seems to want you to be, “The kirby fighters The spin-off solidified what we all thought was true by adding a big ‘LUBRICATE’ picture above the characters’ heads as they were, well, kissing,” Walker says. Case is closed.

What makes it unforgettable: It’s an unconventionally chaste and utilitarian kiss that you don’t see every day. And it’s important kiss your homieslike watering a plant.

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