10 Unknown Indie Games You’ll Want to Wishlist and Play

A shot of NPCs in Mayhem On A Rainbow in purple frenzy.

Image: Lumi Finley / Kotaku

Welcome! This is the most famous of the national holidays, penance day indie! The day the big gaming websites try to make up for their AAA coverage by carving out space for obscure indie games. Any gaming site you see is not affiliated with indie devs and America. But not us, so read on for a whole bunch of games you’ll want to wishlist or buy.

if you have was with us during one of these great trips you will learn that I do not endorse or review any of these games and have not played them unless otherwise noted. If you are a beginner, now you know this too. These are the games posted when I released the bugle that look worthy of further attention. Beginning with…

Alejandro Zielinski

Developer: Alejandro Zielinski

Released: now

A wish list

Well, here’s the beauty. existing in the middle Tomb Raider GO as well as monument valley is Poly Vitaa puzzle game where you rearrange the tiles of a level to make your character’s path.

This is Alejandro Zielinski and he’s out on iOS as well as android already in the process of being transferred to cook for a couple.

Mister You

Developer: Mister You

Released: end of 2023


Although I don’t feel that neither the frog nor the toad will like this mixture, Toad OllyFrog Skater looks like the CUTEST skateboarding game ever. Prettier than even skateboard. The emphasis here is on improvisation and self-expression, and is currently in a rather precarious position with his Kickstarter. Two thirds are ready, there is a week left.

Tower Escape

Developer: Final Screw Games

Released: Now (Steam 2023)

Play for free/A wish list

With a title that sounds like it should already be a genre Tower Escape instead, it is a combination of the other two. This is “reverse tower defense”, and Snake. I bet you didn’t foresee this. You play as creatures trying to bypass defenses that follow the pattern of your snake from the beginning of each tower level to the descending stairs.

It’s coming to Steam next year, but you can play it right now, completely free, in your browser. through

Lifetap Studios

Developer: Lifetap Studios

Released: 4 sq. 2022


One of my all-time favorite games – long unavailable Attack on Pearl Harbor, an arcade aircraft combat simulator that mercilessly disappeared about ten years ago. So when barons of beer immediately reminded me of this, I wanted to.

This game sounds great crazy. It’s about brewing and then trying to deliver booze to the pubs, overthrowing a pirate organization. And arranging air battles in the air. I can not wait.

GameTrailers / feneq

Developer: feneq

Released: TBA


It’s a classic real-time strategy game, but also a deckbuilding roguelite. I like the way the art looks here, a little bit more developed Darwinia, with a squillion of units on screen at the same time. Then there are deck-based attacks and the ever-looming threat of it all ending in failure, like his fraudulent desire.

Mayhem on the rainbow

Developer: Lumi Family

Released: 2022


I’m rather taken with the plot here. A virus has appeared in the virtual reality metaverse of Haven, due to which NPCs turn on players, and the game is closed by its creators. You are left trying to find the source of the virus in a very stupid-looking FPS/helicopter shooter. Besides, you know it’s called Mayhem on the rainbow.

Cat Pet Games

Developer: Petal Cat Games

Released: TBA


If you had asked me ten years ago: “What do you think a decade will replace all these zombie games?” my answer would not be “Agriculture”. Because I am not a soothsayer. Research history fits right into this category, very cute harvest moon-me-do, about how to recognize plants, grow crops, make friends, and tame animals.

Lemonade flashbang

Developer: Lemonade Flashbang

Released: end of 2022

A wish list

What are your plans for the apocalypse? If your immediate answer is “Party”, then I have a game for you. Doomsday paradise describes itself as a multiplayer role-playing game that can be played the way you like best. You can team up, compete, or opt out of combat altogether as you and buddies put off saving in the world to have a good time.

game so to speak

Developer: Eric Anderson

Released: 2023

A wish list

The thought of learning Japanese scares me. Firstly, because I am mediocre in all languages ​​except the one in which I happened to be born, and secondly, because I do not even see the starting point. But look at So to speak! This is a game about deciphering Japanese using context clues, listening to people and putting things together like a puzzle. What intrigued me.


Developer: Alchemist Interactive/rokaplay

Released: Summer 2022

A wish list

It’s like the magic game Warner has been trying to make for the past decade without success. Action-adventure with witchcraft in which you have to save a school of wizards, in this case Greifenstein, from the invasion of magical creatures. Seems like if the greatest Sims An extra package ever came out.

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