10 Tips for Surviving Anacrusis (Game Preview)

After hundreds of years of peaceful expansion across the universe, humanity finally made contact with an alien for the first time, and things didn’t go well. Join four unlikely survivors – Guyon, Nessa, Liu, and Lance – as you battle endless hordes of aliens in Anacruz (Game preview).

That’s where the story about Anacruz begins, but I’m here to share some insider tips to help you get the most out of your time on Isolodia, the huge starship where the four of us must prepare, learn to fight and defeat hordes of aliens in order to have a chance to save humanity.

one: The first thing everyone should know is to use all the tools at your disposal. There’s no reason to stockpile grenades or special weapons when fighting off alien hordes – drop those stasis grenades, drop the auto turret, and fire the arc rifle. The director will maintain the flow of production.

2: The pulse is your best friend. It will get you out of trouble, but only if you use it! It knocks back all enemies around you, so a quick Momentum can clear a path through a horde, push an attacker off a ledge, or just buy yourself time to reload your blaster. If you upgrade it with the right perks, you can even protect your teammates.

3: Listen to the characters, they give you a lot of valuable information. Not only do they talk about their hopes and dreams, but they also tell you what you should do in each episode, and even shout out warnings when they see a special enemy, valuable healing item, or special weapon. They even cause enemies to sneak up on you from behind.

4: You will love the Matter compilers. Each of them contains a set of perks that you can choose from in the game. By the end of each episode, you’ll have a unique build made up of 40 (and growing) perks we’ve created. Don’t worry, we won’t force you to do math. Our perks imbue your character with new abilities that will change the way you play, not boring extra damage boosts.

5: Pay attention to the perks you choose! Many of them interact with each other to become super powerful. The Healing Goo, which allows you to temporarily restore the health of your teammates with Goo Grenades, combined with the Grenade Extender, which increases your grenade storage space, turns you into a long-range healing machine for allies.

6: When you find the Matter compiler, you should discuss your perk build with your teammates! They are nice people and probably smell good. Most perks have multiple additions. For example, if your teammate has a Target Protocol that allows them to automatically mark special enemies when they aim down sights, picking up Marked Protocol will give you an adrenaline rush if anyone marks a special enemy.

7: At the same time, there are a few perks that are almost always useful. The fast pickups that come with Fast Heals have saved my team more than once. Turning headshots into AE explosives with the Criticality perk is always a crowd pleaser. And anything that gives you more pulse charges or faster pulse recharge is a winner.

eight: Well-timed Pulse can parry most ranged attacks. It will bounce the turret projectiles back to their source, block the long, thin arms of the grabber, and prevent the gooper’s shots from hitting their intended target. Timing is tricky, but try pressing the pulse after you hear the characters’ warning scream.

9: With multiple enemies that can grab or otherwise immobilize you, the best strategy I’ve found is to not get cornered. Setting up in a corner or in a protected area is an invitation to be captured, scammed or bombarded with Spawner turrets. Strafe or fast pulse will allow you to block most ranged attacks. Maintaining mobility will help you survive.

10: The best way to deal with the Brutus is with a stasis grenade. The second best way to deal with Brutus is explosives. The third best way to fight Brutus is with fire. And the fourth best way to deal with rude people is with weapons. The fifth best way to deal with the Brutus is to dodge them. Let us know if you survive long enough to find the sixth best way.

We are very excited to release the game in Game Preview so that players can play and give us feedback that will help shape the future Anacruz (Game Preview). And whether your friends are playing on Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass, or if they bought the game on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10, or one of our other launch platforms, you’ll always be able to play. with them using full crossplay support. And after you play, we’d like to have yours. feedback in our Discord.

Anacruz (game preview)

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$ 23.99

Anacrusis is a four-player cooperative first-person shooter set aboard a huge spaceship stranded on the edge of explored space. Team up with friends in an endlessly replayable battle against hordes of aliens to unlock perks, weapons, and new ways to play to share with your team! Anacrusis is coming to Game Preview in January 2022! Never fight the same fight twice In Anacrusis, the AI ​​driver controls every aspect of the game. It spawns every enemy, guides every boss, and places every weapon, gadget, and medkit. Regardless of your skill level, you will find the perfect level of difficulty. What’s more, the AI ​​driver creates video game moments that you can’t wait to tell your friends about. Fight Aliens with Fantastic Weapons Fight the alien menace with an astounding arsenal of classic sci-fi weapons. Buy yourself some time with a stasis grenade, throw a defensive grenade to provide instant cover while you heal, and bring your friends back to life with a respawner. Or throw caution to the wind and incinerate friends and foes alike with a laser rifle. Earn new bonuses and change the way you play Matter Compilers scattered throughout the game give you access to dozens of bonuses that will change the way you play. Gather all of your upgrades to power up your pistol of last resort, or boost your defenses by buffing your shield momentum. Unlock new perks as you play and share them with all your team members! The Fight for Survival is Just the Beginning Anacruzis Season 1 tells the story of four unlikely survivors – Nessa, Guyon, Liu and Lance – who are unwilling to fight to protect humanity from an alien threat. Play more and solve more of the unfolding mystery of the alien attack. This game is under development. It may or may not change over time or be released as a final product. Buy only if you are satisfied with the current state of the unfinished game.

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