10 Pokémon Deserving Hisuan Evolution in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Of these three discoveries, there is 901 Pokémon exist besides regional variants and various forms. Out of those hundreds, it’s hard to deny that some Pokémon are completely unimpressive – be it because they aren’t strong enough, don’t evolve, or have questionable designs (looking at you, Rude).

Sycther and his new evolution Kleavor (see above) are none of them, however, and prompted us to put together the next ten Pokémon that we think deserve an evolution to discover in Pokémon Legend: Hisui Arseus Region. Let us know your thoughts through the survey at the bottom of the page.

Pinsir, # 127

Pinsir must have been jealous of his version-exclusive Pokémon sister Scyther. Not only does Scyther now have two evolution Scizor matched Gen VI’s Mega Evolution flying pinsier with his own. And since developer Game Freak has shelved the Mega Evolution mechanic, Pinsir doesn’t even have one!

We’re not sure if a Pokémon with a gaping vertical mouth filled with vicious teeth might look sad, but we’re sure it doesn’t like being relegated to the shadow of Sycther. If any type of Generation I error needs Hisui’s love, it is Pinsir.

Girafarig, # 203

One of the weirdest Pokémon in Generation II, the design of Girafarig requires evolution. The Pokédex records say it has its own small brain in its tail, and it often bites or uses mysterious powers to ward off enemies. Evolution could take this idea to the next level by giving the disturbing tail more intelligence and strength, thereby turning Girafarig into a psychic-type powerhouse, akin to Eldrich’s child-friendly horror.

Danspars, # 206

Dunsparce seems incomplete. Although Danspars is not a type of beetle, he looks like an insect, as if he were the larva of some larger and more impressive Pokémon. Its pitiful baseline stats for a non-evolving Pokémon, along with tiny wings on its back, imply that evolution was planned for it. It’s almost as if Game Freak forgot to program the evolution of Dunsparce into the game back in 1999 and then every game for the next 20 years.

We hope that one day Game Freak will remember the existence of Dunsparce.

Quilfish, # 211

Like many Pokémon on this list, Qwilfish has mediocre stats. While its design is quite simple, it has a bit of taste in the way it inflates to intimidate other Pokémon, and soon deflates like a balloon. However, it is mostly puffer fish.

With Magikarp and FeebasThere is no shortage of pathetic fish Pokémon, but both of these Pokémon are becoming fan favorites. Pokémon Legends: Arceus seems like a great time for Qwilfish to join their ranks in a truly terrifying evolution, making him a Pokémon worthy of our teams.

Mavil, # 303

Mawile’s poor statistics hinder its great design. As a small bipedal creature with a massive pair of jaws growing at the back of its head, its medium attack and weak defense are enough to cut it off from most teams. Of course, as in the case of Pinsir, Mavil got Mega Evolution, which solved this problem, but Mega Mawile is so good that we would like Game Freak to turn it into a permanent evolution or create a new one, on the subject of Hisuian, which will continue to tell how Mavil wears Japanese-style clothing.

Or, you know, bring back Mega Evolution.

Luvdisc, # 370

Why has Luvdisc not turned into Alomomola? They are the same color. They are both heart shaped. Someone forgot to program it? This unfortunate oversight needs a fix in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. If not Alomomola, then Luvdisk deserves something

Seriously why Luvdisc not turn into Alomomola, Game Freak? ANSWER US.

Pachirisu, # 417

Each generation introduces an electric-type rodent Pokemon that mimics Pikachu. However, unlike Pikachu, none of these mouse Pokémon evolved. An argument in favor of one can be made in favor of any of them, but we argue that Pachirisu is most deserving of Hiswan evolution.

The Hisui Region is an ancient generation IV version of Sinnoh, in which Pachirisu made his debut. And if that wasn’t enough Se Joon Park shocked the Pokemon world by winning the 2014 World Cup with a miniature squirrel as an important part of his team. Parchirisu deserves attention.

We’d also appreciate another squirrel-themed Pokemon that’s less penetrable than Greedent

Chateau, # 441

Chato is unique in both design and mechanics. Chatt is not only one of the few Pokémon canonically capable of mimicking human speech, but his signature trick, Chatter, is one of a kind. In Generations IV and V, Chattot could use Chatter out of combat to record a new battle cry through the Nintendo DS microphone. In combat, Chatter’s chance of confusion was based on the volume of such a recording.

In later generations, it is impossible to record a new cry, so Chathot lost the unique mechanics underlying his characteristic movement, and since he is quite small and not part of an evolutionary line, Hisu’s evolution could revive one of the most characteristic Pokémon introduced in Generation IV. …

Komala, # 755

Do you remember Komala? If you said yes, we would say that you are a liar. Komala’s design is so boring that it looks more like a cartoon drawn for a children’s alphabet book (K is a koala!) Rather than a Pokemon.

However, there is potential. Bear Pokémon such as Teddyursa, Kubcho, and Pancham were cute, simple creatures at first and then transformed into tall beasts, setting a precedent for Komala to evolve into a more formidable marsupial. Komala’s Pokédex records also state that he is born asleep and dies in his sleep, which reminds us of the chilling record of ghost-type Pokémon.

We would love to have a ghost koala. Either way, the only monster with a koala deserves the best.

Eevee, # 133

Yes, Evie has eight evolutions already. But as far as we know, Evie won’t be enough until all eighteen types are represented.

We last received Eeveelution in 2013. Pokemon X and Y with Sylveon. Since then, there have been two generations that have (almost) gone away without another addition to one of the most popular repertoires of Pokémon evolution.

Hisui, steeped in Japanese myth, undoubtedly needs a Dragon or “Ivilyutsia” fighting type, which may have been created from an ancient martial art. The disclosure of such a Pokémon would inflame the fandom.

And here it is – 10 Pokémon that, in our opinion, deserve Hisui evolution. Let us know in the poll which Pokémon you think is the most worthy and why, or chastise us in the comments for missing out on one of dozens of obvious choices you’d like to see when Pokémon Legends: Arceus launches on January 28th. Long gone are the days when there were only 151 Pokémon, so we’re pretty sure we missed out on a few.

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