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Zack Snyder Army of the Dead’s Baby Zombie

The Queen and Zeus, zombies of the Army of the Dead, with their foreheads and noses touched.

The Queen and Zeus share a tender moment.
Screenshot: Netflix

Although there is no connection in the universe between the worlds of By Zack Snyder Army of the Dead and of the director Dawn of the Dead since 2004, one of the most interesting plot points of the Netflix zombie movie feels like a dedicated callback to the most disturbing scene of the previous movie.

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Soon after Army of the Deadis pistol used adventuring into a zombie-infested Las Vegas, the group receives a crash course in the behavior of the undead in the underworld. While Vegas is full of mindless, meat-hungry zombie types, everyone knows something about it (but even a zombified tiger), the real danger lurking in the city are clearly intelligent zombies like the Alpha Queen (Athena Perample) and her male counterpart Zeus (Richard Cetrone), who are able to do more and command zombies like and they. Offering a living (albeit morally corrupt) human as a sacrifice when they arrive in the city of the zombies, the men persuade the Alpha Queen to let them enter her realm with the understanding that if they exceed their limits badly. definitely, zombies will not hesitate to attack. In theory, everything should work to make the journey of humans to an abandoned casino much simpler, but as tends to be the case in zombie movies, it’s not long before someone does something stupid to confuse them. the floor.

The Queen showed her prey.

The Queen showed her prey.
Screenshot: Netflix

For the most part, Snyder’s zombies keep their distance from humans, presumably planning to attack them when the time is right. Humans assume that the zombies want to eat them, and invent a plan designed to lure the Queen into a vulnerable position that allows her to kill and, hopefully, scare the rest of the zombies away. But after the humans manage to decapitate her, and one of them shakes her head always alert for her custody, things immediately turn south while Zeus infects her alertness of what has happened.

Having given a few fleeting glances at the zombie society before, Army of the Dead it doesn’t really tell you much about what zombies have done since the past in Las Vegas, and humanity doesn’t seem to be particularly concerned. The army’s plan to drop a nuclear bomb on the city makes sense as a means of dealing with the general threat of a larger fire, but if more people were aware of the strange behavior of the zombies, perhaps they would have. a better understanding of just how potentially dangerous they were like Zeus and the Queen. When an angry Zeus finds the Queen’s body, it is clear that the transgression will put him on a path of war against man that was not necessary before. Before the zombies go hunting for their prey, however, Zeus brings the Queen’s body back to the place where it creates intelligent zombies, and once again proceeds to free a creature from the corpse of his companion, that the state of being is one of the most interesting questions Army of the Dead leaves no answer.

In most zombie movies, the body of a ghoul ceases to be a threat once separated from the head, which remains alert if no damage has been done to the brain. Army of the Dead it doesn’t really establish how much time passes between when Zeus first presses his head against the Queen’s lifeless stomach and when he gives birth to his child. But when he first picks up the child in the palms, it emits a bright blue that many other intelligent zombies have as well. When the child’s light fades back, and Zeus ’screams become mournful, it’s clear that the creature didn’t survive – but the fact that he was still clinging to a spark of life in the Queen is interesting in itself, for via what might imply on how the zombies in the movie work.

There is a certain degree of thematic reflection between Zeus ’grief over the loss of her husband and son and former mercenary Scott Ward (Dave Baustista) own family problems, but without explaining how Zeus and the Queen have become a couple and what they are The plan for their seemingly “alive” child was, the film makes the inner life of their zombies much more interesting.

The zombie boy of Zeus.

The zombie boy of Zeus.
Screenshot: Netflix

A grotesque zombie creature is the same in Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead. In that film, a human man is forced to hold his zombied pregnant wife to a bedside position and to transmit alone his dead son. Tramindui Dawn of the Dead and Army of the Dead play their family-centered zombie moments through a particular kind of horrible tragedy meant to pull your strings even when they repel you. While ferocious zombie kids aren’t new to the genre, zombie kids aren’t featured widely on the big screen outside of movies like Peter Jackson’s 1992 comedy Braindead and Nick Lyons’ Rise of the Zombies since 2012, they both treat their monstrous creatures like gags. Army of the DeadThe boy doesn’t end up playing an active role in the story, but the way Zeus ’grief galvanizes his legion to track down the Queen’s assassins feels a bit resonant with MR Carey The girl with all the gifts. Both in the novel and in The film adaptation by Colm McCarthy, children infected by the pathogen responsible for the “zombie” plague play a key role in determining the future of the world, and looking through a certain lens, there is a somewhat similar idea present, albeit unexplored, in Army of the Dead.

Now that Snyder has exploited this idea of ​​zombie children in many movies, it’s pretty easy to see how the idea can work to make these stories more emotionally complicated. Army of the DeadThe ending leaves open the possibility for much more exploration of this world as it drifts to the brink of an all-out zombie apocalypse, and there’s already a film prequel is an anime series in the works. Overwhelmed as zombies have been for the last decade or so, Snyder’s zombie verse will have to be put into practice to make him stand out from his peers. If these stories lean more towards this kind of ghoulishness, the new franchise could just pull that off.

Army of the Dead is now streaming on Netflix.

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