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YouTube’s Super Thanks tipping feature spreads to more beta users


For years, YouTube streamers have been using third-party plugins to allow their fans to donate. Starting this week, however, YouTube is taking a step toward making this feature integrated into the platform. While it’s still in beta, the company says its new “Super Thanksgiving” feature is spreading to “thousands” of more creators in 68 countries. By the end of the year, it plans to make it available to everyone in the YouTube Partner Program.

When you decide to give your favorite creator a Super Thank You, you will have four options in front of you. Amounts vary by market, but in the United States you can donate $ 2, $ 5, $ 10 or $ 50 at a time. Once the payment process is complete, you’ll see an animated GIF of balloons floating around on your screen, and YouTube will highlight your comment, as well as the amount of money you’ve sent. As with the other monetization tools YouTube offers to streamers, including and, the company will take a 30 percent cut from all donations.


Adding more ways for creators to make money is important for YouTube, even if that’s what the company is late in offering. Gone are the days where it was the only video note platform. The company faces competition from Twitch, TikTok and others, particularly as those platforms to keep their most prolific creators invested in creating content only for their respective apps.

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