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YouTube will start showing video chapters in search results

YouTube has an incredibly large video library and the company knows what’s easier said than done. To this end, the company is introducing several new features to improve search. Probably the most important new tool is viewing chapters directly from the search results page. YouTube offers users the ability to split longer videos into separate chapters so viewers can quickly find specific information, but they were only visible when clicked.

Chapters will now appear next to search results with timestamped thumbnail images for each section. This should give viewers more information about the content of each video, and you can tap or click right in a specific chapter if you find exactly the information you’re looking for. We’re not yet sure if this feature will appear on mobile, desktop, or both, but we’ve asked YouTube and will update if we find out more.

Another new feature we know that will appear on mobile devices is small video clips that automatically play when you hover over them on the desktop. YouTube says it will release a “mobile version” of these previews, although it’s not entirely clear what gesture will be used to play the snippet.

Finally, some of Google’s automatic translation tools appear in YouTube search results to make them useful to more people. In particular, the company is starting to include automatically translated video titles, descriptions and captions in searches. These results will be displayed when there is not enough related content in the user’s local language to be useful. YouTube is first adding these translations to English videos, and they are currently being tested only on mobile devices in India and Indonesia; the company says it will “consider” expanding to other locations based on user feedback.

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