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YouTube Suspends Rand Paul For Week Over COVID-19 Misinformation

YouTube suspended Senator Rand Paul from working on the platform after he stated in a video that “cloth masks do not work” regarding the spread of COVID-19. This was the second time YouTube removed one of Paul’s videos.

A company spokesman said Paul violated YouTube’s coronavirus medical disinformation policy. New York Times… YouTube bans videos “Claims masks do not play a role in preventing COVID-19 infection or transmission.” Paul will not be able to upload videos to the platform for seven days.

“Most over-the-counter masks don’t work. They don’t prevent infection, ”Paul said in a deleted video. Paul also referred to “real science”, arguing that cloth masks don’t work. However, he noted that N-95 masks are effective in protecting against COVID-19 infection.

Public health experts masks work in tandem with other preventive measures such as vaccinations and frequent hand washing to stop the spread of COVID-19. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that members of the general public should use breathable fabric masks.

Paul admitted in a statement that YouTube, as a privately held company, has the right to suspend it. However, he argued that this decision marks “their continued commitment to keep pace with the government.”

YouTube Withdraws Erroneous Claims Of COVID-19 Vaccines, And Suspends and OANN for spreading misinformation. YouTube also encourages people to get vaccinated.

Meanwhile, Twitter Fellow Republican Paul Marjorie Taylor Green once again on Tuesday over misinformation about COVID-19. Green said the coronavirus vaccines “don’t work” and that the FDA should not give them full approval. This is at least the third time Twitter has banned Green from tweeting after she shared information. Users can be permanently banned from Twitter after five or more policy violations.

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