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You can now tune your guitar on google search

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You may already have used the Google search engine to play Pac-Man, translate people handwriting, and do a barrel roll… Now it looks like you can use it to customize your tools too. Android Police was first to notice a new guitar tuning feature built into Google Search that allows users to launch the instrument simply by typing “google tuner” in search bar.

This isn’t the first time the company has tried to help people get set up – in fact, Google Assistant offers a similar feature. since 2017… But considering how ubiquitous Google Search has become, and how easy it is to, well, search for a phrase, it will open up this feature to just about anyone with a browser on any device and a working microphone.

This is also a pretty good time for Google considering how guitar playing has become a popular pastime. during the COVID-19 pandemic. In accordance with survey Published earlier this week in collaboration with the folks at Fender, nearly 16 million people have taken over the instrument over the past year.

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Screenshot: Shoshana Wodinski (Gizmodo)

And although I am not one of them, I did spinning a new google tool, buzzing into my laptop microphone. And yes, it really is that simple: all you have to do is turn on your microphone and the search engine will helpfully tell you if you should tune your instrument (or voice) up or down. So maybe it will come in handy for warm-up vocals too!

Of course, how well this tool works for you depends on the microphone you are using. Android police have reported the use of some devices such as Galaxy Z Fold 3 which would not pick up sounds if they were not loud, and would play them right on the phone. Personally, I’ve found that on my own device (MacBook Air), I manage to use the tool effectively even when I’m sitting a few feet away from the microphone. Either way, this is a great tool that will surely ease people’s anxiety.

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