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Yelp allows businesses to indicate whether they require proof of vaccination

Last year, Yelp added a COVID-19 section to its app to help companies communicate to customers how they are doing in the early stages of the pandemic. With the delta option complicating the situation, the company Introducing two new labels shops and restaurants can add to their lists.

They can now tell if customers need proof of vaccination to enter their facility and if their employees are fully vaccinated. As a Yelp user, you will have the ability to filter stores and restaurants that have these shortcuts. However, they are optional and only the business owner can decide to add them.


Yelp states that, as with other label rollouts, it will “proactively” track the pages of companies that add these attributes to their listings. Company content rules require someone to write a review based on their own experience about the company. But that hasn’t stopped some people from using the platform to express their feelings about things like vaccines.

In response, the company has posted warnings on the pages of businesses that have garnered attention with their stance on how best to protect the health and safety of their employees and customers from the coronavirus. Since the beginning of 2021, Yelp has issued about 100 such alerts, resulting in the removal of approximately 4,500 reviews.

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