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Xbox Design Lab is back to help you customize your controller


Back in October, Microsoft released the waiting while it was focused on getting a couple of new consoles and an updated controller in the hands of gamers. Eight months later, the Xbox controller store customized with more options to customize your peripheral. The company made the announcement during its launch second showcase E3 of the week.

You can select colors for almost any part of it latest Xbox Wireless Controller, including the body, shoulder buttons, thumbsticks and face buttons. You will have 18 colors to choose from for the most part. Except for the Robot White, Pulse Red, Zest Orange and Regal Purple resin options, the components are made with plastics containing 30 percent post-consumer recycled material by weight.


If you’re a long-time Xbox fan, you may want to use the blue, yellow, red, and green from the for ABXY buttons. That could amplify any nostalgic feelings you may have if you decide on your Xbox Series X / S.

Controllers customized by the Xbox Design Lab it costs $ 70 with free shipping. Through a $ 10 laser engraving option, you can always have your Gamertag or a personalized message up to 16 characters long on your controller.

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