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Why scene rules in Galadriel’s Mirror

Galadriel invites Frodo to look at what was, what is, and some of the things ... that haven't happened yet.

Galadriel invites Frodo to look at what was, what is, and some of the things … that haven’t happened yet.
Screenshot: Warner Brazzers.

Lord of the rings, Brotherhood of the ring turns 20 this monthand while our thoughts linger roundtrip, we remind you how many of his moments remain so brilliantly memorable decades later. But one of his most memorable and tragic scenes is still a prominent feature in Peter Jackson’s trilogy: Frodo’s encounter with the Mirror of Galadriel.

The moment the Fellowship reaches the safe haven of Galadriel and the defense of Celeborn in Lothlorien, it is shattered and bruised, both physically and spiritually. Having just escaped Moria and mourning the loss of their foothold in Gandalf, everything seems hopeless for the group, not only in getting to Mount Doom and completing their quest, but even staying together as one. While the Brotherhood spends the night in melancholy thoughts, licking their wounds, Frodo finds himself alone until he stumbles upon Lady Galadriel herself, and is given the opportunity to peer into her magic font of foresight to see what might happen to the world. if the Brotherhood and its guardian, in particular, falter.

The sequence of The Mirror of Galadriel makes it so overwhelming, not because it speaks of the temptation of the One Ring – the horror that Frodo is invited to resist given Galadriel’s vision of desires if she yields to his proposal and takes on the burden – but in how it reinforces the tragic the loneliness that comes with wearing the ring of power. Few people Frodo has met up to this point, even Gandalf in fact, can relate to isolation as the ring bearer. But Galadriel, the keeper of Nenia, can – and these fears of isolation and the need to simply go through the exhausting process of carrying a trinket to her death in Mordor – that is what makes Frodo and Galadriel temper themselves for their compatriots. tests in this short moment together. Of course, there are dire warnings about Boromir’s uncertain temptation to hand over the ring to Gondor and about the promised death of the Scourging of the Shire – an event from the books that otherwise remained untouched in Jackson’s trilogy after his glimpse here – but what drives Frodo and Galadriel alike at this moment is that melancholic. sad loneliness.

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Screenshot: Warner Brazzers.

The first vision Frodo sees in the Mirror of Galadriel is not the Shire’s dire fate if he surrenders, but the faces of his friends and their crushing disappointment. What Galadriel wants if she becomes the Dark Queen is more than strength, but being I loved, no matter how terrible it was, people whom she could enslave her power. The two Ring-bearers are tempted by the opportunity not to face their tasks alone, even as Galadriel convinces the young Hobbit to leave the Fellowship in order to have a chance to complete their quest. Not that he ended up gaining a say in this matter, since Sam forced himself to go anyway out of love for his friend – but that was only after.

At this moment, in the shadow of Lothlorien, Frodo was confronted with the idea that he would have to give up his need for company in order to cope with a task that only he could perform. If the price to be paid for wearing such awfully powerful artifacts is loneliness, then this is the price to be paid – Galadriel, who has given up her desire for worship, is rewarded by remaining herself and leaving for immortal lands to be with their people. … Adopting Frodo is rewarded with leaving the Battle of Amon-Hen safe and sound before the Fellowship can perish on its own … albeit with the ever-faithful Sam in tow, not alone.

But Sam’s dislike for the lesson Galadriel taught Frodo is in turn part of what makes Partnership such beautiful, serious adventure film first of all. Frodo’s greatest test in the film is to admit that he and he alone can carry the burden of the One Ring, that the tragedy lies in the loneliness he will feel to do it. But he also doesn’t realize until Sam enters the waters of the Anduin after his best friend that the bond of friendship, some likes in the endare too strong to allow such a tragedy. Even if Frodo is willing to take on his great task alone, he has a friend who is more than willing to share the burden of such a sad and lonely task in order to fight the prescribed melancholy.

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