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Where did Sarah Palin go in New York after testing positive for Covid-19

Elio… again

Despite her COVID-positive eating habits making national news, Palin went out to eat again on Wednesday. This time she returned to the scene of the crime: to Elio.

“Last night, Sarah Palin dined outside against my express wishes,” owner Elio Ann Isaac said, who probably should have been more explicit. Washington Post. The manager on duty at the time, Guaitolini, explained that he had put her outside to protect the staff because he…knew…she…had…the virus.

“Sarah Palin returned to the restaurant tonight to apologize for the scandal surrounding her previous visit,” Guaitolini said in a statement to the Post. “In accordance with the vaccination mandate and to protect our staff, we planted her outdoors. We are a restaurant open to the public and we treat all civilians equally.”

Palin told a Gothamist reporter who tracked her down to Elio on Wednesday that she “loved New York,” declining to answer further questions. Her colleagues also declined to answer the question of whether it is convenient for them to get into the car with her.

“Our goal has always been to encourage the isolation of those who test positive for covid and to provide them with several resources,” This was reported to CNN by a representative of the city.. “In doing so, we hope that anyone with covid isolates for their own safety and the safety of all New Yorkers, and we consider it highly irresponsible that Sarah Palin refuses to do so.”

City officials advised anyone who had contact with Palin to get tested for the coronavirus. According to the Post, New York agencies have not yet indicated they will investigate Elio, and the city does not routinely issue violations for failing to check vaccination status unless an inspector is directly overseeing it.

This post will be updated as Palin continues to gallant around the city like she’s not infected with the coronavirus.

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