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Weirdest ambient music on YouTube will soothe your anxiety at work

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YouTube rabbit holes can take you to some pretty weird places, and for me one of those weird ones is places was the darker side of the ambient noise. What set me up for this track was my never ending quest for good background music to play while I was working. Finding something suitable is often difficult, because I usually can’t play something that is too exciting, otherwise it will distract me. However, the ambient noise—non-verbal and filled with heavy hypnotic vibrations—may just be the ticket to allowing me to focus on a particular story or project.

As I have learned, however, the atmosphere comes in many shapes and sizes, and The YouTube algorithm tried to show me all of them. In particular, the weirder darker the side of ambient noise revealed to me in all its bizarre, unnerving glory. If you, dear Internet user, also want to hear a really unusual atmosphere during the day, read on.

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