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Water gun that shoots liquid bullets no longer needs batteries or charging

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Back in 2018, what’s it like about six decades ago, a German company introduced advanced rechargeable self-filling water pistol which fired single jets of water instead of long streams. New SpyraLX does the same, but replaces the batteries and electric motor with a manual mechanism to prime and pressurize the blaster.

Super Soaker has proven that you can make a lot of money. reinvent the water gun, and while the Spyra One brought as much innovation to the staple of the summer as Lonnie Johnson’s creation, there were a few problems with the powered blaster that kept it from going mainstream. Not only did you have to remember to charge it, the Spyra One was also notorious for leaking, leaving the user often as wet as the person they targeted. This issue has been resolved with last year’s updated Spyra Two which also improved the toy’s range, recycle time, and battery life, but both models retailed for $175, which was extremely expensive even for an adult toy.

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The new SpyraLX has ditched the heavy rechargeable batteries, pumps, and motors of its two predecessors and replaced them with a rear handle that the user repeatedly pulls back to fill the blaster’s reservoir, which simultaneously pressurizes it. Instead of requiring access to hoses and faucets, users submerge the front of the SpyraLX into a bucket of water (or a pond, lake, or pool) while the handle inflates. Once filled and pressurized, pulling the trigger launches fast streams of water that are held together for about 30 feet, although performance will vary with wind and weather.

best feature of SpyraLXwhich is now available through The site of the company, that’s the new $89 price tag. It’s still expensive for a water gun with Super Soaker continuing to release countless models year after year for less than a third of the SpyraLX, but after trying the original Spyra One a few years ago, we recognize the unique trigger mechanism. makes a compelling case for splurging on one as soon as summer hits.

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