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Walking Dead Season 11 Trailer Debuts At Comic Con 2021 Panel

Daryl from The Walking Dead (Norman Reedus) wears crossbow gear on his back and holds a flashlight in a dark room /
Daryl from The Walking Dead (Norman Reedus).
Photo: AMC

Over the past ten days Walking Dead became like most of San Diego Comic-Con like comics. Or San Diego. Every summer, the cast and crew of the hit AMC zombie show are expected to fly to Southern California, have a huge debate (first at Ballroom 20, then Hall H) and bring new shots from the upcoming season… While covid-19 has complicated this tradition, thanks to the virtual San Diego Comic-Con 2021. Walking Dead still managed to give the zombie loyalists what they want: a new trailer and a lot of interesting information.

The Walking Dead – Season 11 Trailer

There is so, so much in this trailer – new adversaries, new friendships, death, destruction, and all the cast and crew talked about it during the Comic-Con @ Home panel. First things first. The season will premiere on August 22, but it will actually debut on AMC + on August 15. This weekly early access will run the entire season of the show. Also, while this is the start of the “last season,” we’ll get three sets of eight episodes, with the last 16 airing in 2022, so there’s a lot more to come.

All the cast discussed what their characters would be doing in the upcoming season, to the best of their ability, without spoilers, but when Lauren Cohan was asked how Maggie feels right now in the same place with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) – The man who killed Glen, the father of her child – she said, “It’s all season!” Much of the story, as you see in the trailer, will also be new villains, the Reapers. Showrunner Angela Kang said these characters are different from others. the walking Dead villains because now they are not just skillful, they are all skillful front the zombie apocalypse. “They are incredibly brutal, organized warriors,” she said. “They’re formidable in a way our characters don’t often meet.”

One of the most popular of those characters this is, of course, Daryl, played by Norman Reedus. At this point, he and Carol (Melissa McBride) are sort of the parents of this show who survived from the start. In one of the panel’s most touching moments, when asked about his feelings for the state of their fictional PeaceReedus said he didn’t think his character would have a better answer to that question. He would like to hear what Rick or Herschel has to say. He said he felt like his character took bits and pieces from all his friends they lost along the way and was just trying to hold on.

You can watch this and more, on the full panel, the link to which is hereWalking Dead Season 11 begins on August 22. Read more about the world of The Walking Dead in IN The Walking Dead: Beyond the World second season of SDCC panel here and Fear the Walking Dead the seventh season panel is here

Oh, and if you hoped to get more news about the future Walking Dead maybe that Rick Grimes movie? –this was not found here. But, the walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman held his own panel earlier that day and was asked about a film that teased at Comic-Con back in 2019“It will definitely happen before 2032,” Kirkman joked on his panel. what you can see here… “I wish there were more updates. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes … and I’m just as upset as you guys are that we can’t tell you everything and talk about it non-stop.… But Andrew Lincoln is amazing. I miss [him] run like Rick Grimes. I can’t wait until we film this thing and it comes out. It’ll be cool. Everyone is working very hard to do it as well as possible. “

“We don’t want a bad Rick Grimes movie, do we?” he continued. “We want to make a great movie about Rick Grimes. And so everyone behind the scenes is making sure that when it comes out it’s worth the wait, and it’s actually a special, nurturing character.The Rick Grimes Journey That Everyone Wants. So we are not going to rush this thing and we will make sure it is perfect … When it finally comes out, when we show the trailers and stuff, you will see. You say, “This is exactly what we wanted. I’m so glad they were waiting. “

So that’s not your update.

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