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Virtual Marriages Are No Longer Legal in New York State

Linda Hoveskeland (R) and Ardell Hoveskeland share a moment with family and friends joining Zoom after their socially separated marriage at the Lutheran Church of Peace in Alexandria, Virginia on May 28, 2020.

Linda Hoveskeland (R) and Ardell Hoveskeland shared a moment with family and friends who joined Zoom after their socially separated marriage at the Lutheran Church of Peace in Alexandria, Virginia on May 28, 2020.
Photo: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / AFP (Getty Images)

A virtual avenue because the marriage that was born during the pandemic in New York state is no more. At the end of last month, Zoom marriages were no longer legal. This means that if you want to get married, you have to do it in person in the presence of someone authorized to perform the ceremony.

The ban on Zoom marriages in the state has been largely underreported until now New York Times indicated this last week. As the outlet said, this is due to the fact that Governor Andrew Cuomo has lifted the executive order published in April last year which temporarily amended the law to allow people to obtain marriage licenses and hold ceremonies virtually.

A spokesman for the governor’s office said the executive order was aimed at a state of disaster emergency., a statement that allows Cuomo to temporarily suspend or amend any law or regulation to help or assist him in dealing with the situation. Cuomo ended New York’s state of disaster emergency in effect on June 25, citing the region’s progress in dealing with the pandemic.

Shams Tarek, the spokesman, told the Times in a statement that “the state does not prevent anyone from transmitting live a safe trip to the Mayor’s Office or the office of your clergy.”

“Get vaccinated, kiss your new spouse and dance the hour away if you want – New Yorkers have worked hard to get us where we are now and celebrate the return to normalcy every day,” she said.

However, this is remarkably different from what was allowed before, where the wedding ceremony could be held anywhere, such as in parks, cars, or even in hospitals, as long as the couple was in the state. Ccurrent New York law requires and couples for husbands “In the presence of” an authorized officer.

“No special form or ceremony is required when a marriage is solemnized as provided by a clergyman or a magistrate, but the parties must declare it solemnly in the presence of a clergyman or magistrate and the careful witness or witnesses to be treated as such.” and husband and wife, ”the states of law.

Tarek said new legislation would be needed for virtual marriages to become legal.

According to the Times, the sudden change has meant that many couples with virtual wedding ceremonies scheduled after June 25 they had to change their plans. It’s also strange considering how much technology has changed our lives during this health-related emergency some companies, for example, leaving employees work from home permanently-we picked up a numeric back.

That doesn’t mean we should say goodbye to ceremonies in person. Some people prefer them! But lawmakers need to reflect on what we’ve learned over the past year and take steps to transform the law into the 21st century.

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