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Virgin Galactic Starts Selling Space Tickets Again at $ 450,000 Per Seat

You now have the opportunity to purchase a seat aboard one of Virgin Galactic’s space tours – provided you can afford to pay $ 450,000 for it. The company resumed ticket sales less than a month after its founder Richard Branson, along with other “flight specialists”, went on Virgin Galactic’s maiden space flight with a full crew. The announcement was made in conjunction with financial results for the second quarter of the year, which also states that the private space corporation “has made significant progress towards starting a commercial service in 2022.”

Virgin Galactic offers you three consumer options to choose from. Apart from one seat, which costs almost half a million, it also sells multi-seat group packages and offers full-flight redemption. The current version of the VSS Unity spacecraft can accommodate four passengers in addition to two pilots, so the sale of full flights is possible. Virgin Galactic will prioritize its “sizable list of first hand pickers,” although it will create an additional priority list for customers interested in booking future flights.

As CNBC notes that his next scheduled flight will have Italian Air Force personnel on board. After that, the company will take a hiatus until mid-2022 to refurbish its VMS Eve carrier jet. Since another test flight is planned after this period, this means that Virgin Galactic is postponing its first official flight due to the fact that it will pay the astronauts again. Earlier this year, the company hoped to launch its first commercial flight in early 2022, but has now reported that CNBC that his new target is sometime at the end of the third quarter of 2022.

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