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Urban Seoul headphones include a low latency mode for gaming


No stranger to trying new things, The audio brand introduces its first pair of Bluetooth headphones focused on gaming. The culminating feature of the company’s new Seoul headphones is a mode switch that Urbanista aims to reduce Bluetooth latency to about 70ms. A dedicated latency alternative is not something we see on a real wireless headset. Most game-oriented headphones use Qualcomm’s aptX bluetooth codec to obtain the lowest possible latency.


With the low latency variant of the codec, Qualcomm claims to get that number up to about 40ms. The disadvantage of aptX is both your headphones and your phone have to support the codec. It’s not a problem with most Snapdragon devices since Qualcomm does them too, but you won’t find the codec supported on Apple devices. That’s what makes Seoul headphones so interesting. They give you an agnostic device mode to achieve a low latency mode.


Aside from this feature, Seoul headphones are about what you’d expect from a pair of true mid-range wireless headphones in 2021. At $ 89.90, they feature a claim of eight hours of battery life for a single charge, with the included case allowing you to get another 32 hours of play before the entire unit needs to be recharged. At this point, you can charge it with a USB-C cable or a Qi charging pad. They are also IPX4 certified, are Bluetooth 5.2 connected and feature both Google Assistant and Siri integration. Urbanista will sell the Seoul headphones in four colors: black, blue, purple and white.

Urbanist Lisbon


For those looking for something more affordable, Urbanista has also announced its new Lisbon headphones. At $ 49.90, they’re the company’s true wireless headphones to date. Looking at the specific sheet that Urbanist sent, they also look decent. Battery life comes in a claimed nine hours on a single charge. With the charging case included, you can get a total of 27 hours of play from them. They don’t feature waterproofing, but get Bluetooth 5.2 support and USB-C charging, as well as Google Assistant and Siri integration. They will be in five colors: pastel red, beige, pink, green and black.

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