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Twitter wants your help to develop new privacy features


Twitter has shared concepts for four features that could give users more control over who can view, read and find their accounts, and want feedback from the public on what it has displayed. The first of these features would make it easier for those with protected accounts to make their tweets publicly visible in cases where they want to respond to non-followers. “If you have a secure account and respond to someone who doesn’t follow you, you may not know that they can’t see your response,” Lena Emara, Twitter experience designer, said. he wrote in a thread. So one idea is to include a prompt that reminds people of this fact, and also to give them the option to easily change their tweets to the public.


Another potential feature would help those with more accounts. A common tab from Emara displays an interface element that will allow you to switch to another account directly from Twitter’s main composition window. In addition, the new interface will allow you to see, at a glance, the name, management and privacy status of your accounts all in one place.


The other two concepts that Emara shared focus more on privacy. One of these details is a feature that periodically taps the base with users to see if they are happy with their current discovery and conversation settings and make it easier to modify it as needed without visiting the settings menu. app. Finally, the second would create a system to alert you when people search for your username and give you more control over whether your account is discovered that way. It’s something that could be significant in limiting online persecution.

Twitter Concept 2


As with the last time Twitter showed several conceptual features, all you see above “are just ideas and they’re not built (yet?).” They could never mature into company ships. That said, the feedback Twitter picks up could inform other tools the company is building in the future.

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