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Twitter stops deploying verification apps again

The Twitter logo can be seen on a sign at the company's headquarters in San Francisco, California.
The Twitter logo can be seen on a sign at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, California.
Photo: Josh Edelson / AFP (Getty Images)

Many of those longing for the blue checkmark on Twitter this year were filled with hope when the company reopened its public review process for the first time in nearly four years. That hope was short-lived, however, as Twitter suspended the process only to reopen it in June.… Well shockingly, Twitter has suspended access to check again.

Official Twitter Verified account tweeted on friday that he temporarily stopped access for verification rollagain to make improvements to the application and review process. Pay attention to recent incident In July, when Twitter checked six fake accounts, including one with an adorable cat in a bucket, which reportedly began spamming in Korean, its decision to suspend the process again makes sense.

“We have temporarily paused the rollout of the verification enrollment access so we can improve the enrollment and verification process,” says Twitter Verified. “For those who have been waiting, we know this can be disappointing. We want to fix everything and thank you for your patience. “

As reported facets, this does not mean that Twitter will not verify your account if you have already applied. Twitter Checked out said friday what was he working on reviewed all received applications as quickly as possible. In fact, not everyone on Twitter can request to check more because the company was slow to deploy access to the application

A Twitter spokesman told the publication that it will “resume deploying applications in the next few weeks.” Hey, at least it’s kind of a timeline.

The news is undoubtedly upset and annoying for those who want the blue checkmark. I understand that I am speaking from a “privileged” place (I suppose) because I have a blue checkmark, but you have to wonder if people who qualify I’ll never get a blue check. It seems that something is always happening with the verification, from the fact that they did not accept applications for years before the suspension, because there is too many apps

At this point, you should probably be very lucky to install the application at a time when things are not going awry in the verification department, which is not an easy task. If you’re out of luck, don’t worry. Blue checkmarks may be welcome now, but who knows what will be trendy in the future. Maybe we won’t even be on Twitter.

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