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Twitter accepts applications for its ‘Super Follows’ paid subscriptions


Twitter will soon be rolling out some of its new monetization features, including “Super Follows” and Ticketed Spaces. The company announced that it opens applications for news as it appears for the first group of testers for tools.

Features are among the first major updates Twitter is facing tempting creators and could change how some of the top users of the site use the platform. Apps for both features are available in the Twitter app in the new “monetization” section (Super Follows will be available only on iOS, initially). The company says it will accept an initial group of testers before making the features available more widely.

Super Follow a monthly subscription similar to Patreon or OnlyFans. Allow offer creators extra benefits, as exclusive content, to subscribers for $ 2.99, $ 4.99 or $ 9.99 per month. While allowing users to essentially “upload for tweets,” Twitter said it wants people to be more creative with their offerings. For example, a creator might offer subscribers exclusive access to Q&A sessions. To apply for Super Follows, users must be 18 or older, based in the United States, have at least 10,000 followers and have sent at least 25 tweets during the previous 30 days.


Ticketed spacesinstead, they will be single payments for a single event. The feature allows users to charge admission for access to live audio conversation. Twitter says the price for a Space can range from $ 1 to $ 999 (although it’s hard to imagine what kind of conversation would earn such a high price). The feature also makes Spaces more competitive with Clubhouse, which he has begun to experiment with with payments but it also has a ticketing function. Applications for Ticketed Spaces will be open to U.S.-based users with at least 1,000 followers who have hosted at least three Spaces during the previous 30 days.


With the opening of the app, Twitter will also reveal details on how it plans to share revenue with the creators on its platform. The company says it will take a 3 percent cut on the first $ 50,000 in revenue (after Apple and Google’s commission for in-app purchases), with the commission shooting up to 20 percent after the initial $ 50,000.

Twitter has two new monetization features.


It’s noticeably steeper than Facebook, which said it won’t take any revenue from the creators until 2023, but the economy could also be attractive for people who have built a large following on the platform. Esther Crawford, senior product manager at Twitter, said the company has set itself the $ 50,000 limit because it shows “that you get value from these features and that they help you achieve [money]. “

Both Super Follows and Space Tickets are key to Twitter’s efforts to help creators and other profile users monetize their followers on the platform. The company has also recently introduced a tipping feature, and is integrating paid newsletters in his service.

What’s less clear is whether Twitter users will really be willing to spend money on a service that has always been free (in other words, the company also tries out “Twitter Blue,” a premium service for powerful users). At the same time, platforms like Patreon and OnlyFans have shown that creators can build careers out of their most dedicated fans. Now Twitter is going to convince its stars to build their career on their platform.

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